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Topic is Open Hello folks,

I have read some articles about the fax-function of lansuite 2004. At this stage, I think I know enough about sending them to configure the server and the sendfax client software. But I have a lack of knowledge about receiving faxes. I know that all incoming faxes can be printed out but that is not what I want. How does it work that an incoming fax is routed to is recipient? can somebody explain this to me please?

Thank you very much!
Torsten General Fax Issue
by Torsten Rüter
1 Thu Dec 8 2005
7:15:31 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Can any one advice on this error.
My users keep encountering the following error message when sending email and the emails are stuck in the queu. The error message is An established connection was aborted by the software in your host machine

Please help! Urgent
Winsock Error
by Alex Lim
1 Wed Dec 7 2005
1:01:52 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Hi,

How can I remove a fax from the server. 
The phonenumber is wrong and I can not send it. 
I don't seem to find the answer on the forum or in the manual. 

Another question. I only want to use 602Lan suite for pop/smtp server and fax server. I disabled the webserver, but still it interfers with the oter server. 
Is there a way to stop that. 

Linda Remove fax from server
by Linda Staal
4 Tue Jan 31 2006
1:23:56 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Hello,
  I have SBC DSL.  I am running 602LAN Suite 2004.   I have everything setup I think?   But still can't send mail out, but can receive mail.

  The SMTP server is reporting Requesting MX records for domain ''
    or it says,                          requesting MX records for;

Then it is connecting 
Next is: failed to send message

Those are the emails I send out as tests.  The email server has loaded them into a que and can't send them.

Can some tell me what I need to do?   
requesting MX in SMPT
by Willemjan Laane
4 Tue Jan 3 2006
10:29:33 AM (EST)
Topic is Open I want to isolate 3 or 4 pcs within a much larger DHCP network.

I read somewhere that LS2004 wont handle DHCP from the external network.
Do I have to arrange a fixed IP for the LS2004 server? Can LS2004 be used within another DHCP network?
by Prikshat Kaplish
1 Tue Dec 20 2005
7:32:21 AM (EST)
Topic is Open is it possible to setup tcp/udp port 3389 (remotedesktop) for 1 ipadres not for the whole world?

by iptables or something? remote desktop
by Sjakkie Vandenoever
0 Thu Dec 1 2005
10:47:28 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Hello,  

I am have downloaded and installed 602LAN Sutie 2004.  It work great, but because I am on a dynamic IP from SBC and have setup the smtp server, I have been flagged as a possible SPAM ip.   The reason is because these spam cops are staying I have an open relay on my smtp.  

I thought I had it turned off.  Can someone explain to me how to make sure open relay is off?   I need help.   


Cant disable open relay.
by Daniel Strong
2 Thu Dec 1 2005
10:43:55 AM (EST)
Topic is Open The Bayesian filter is crashing our Lan Suite. We've got the latest version 2004.0.05.0803 and I've tried reinstalling from the latest availiable download and it's still happening. It first looked like it was crashing in SMTPDLL.DLL file on a bad memory access (according to Dr. Watson) but then it just started locking up the computer. Our words database is 80MB. It looks like it was something it learned yesterday morning. I've backed up the filter database and I've also backed up the last few junk e-mails that were fed to the filter. It looks like I need to start retraining the filter from scratch, how does one do that? The program doesn't seem to offer this feature. Bayesian filter crashing Lan Suite
by Daniel Zahn
0 Wed Nov 30 2005
2:33:01 PM (EST)
Topic is Open When forwarding junk mail to junk@junk.junk, lansuite log shows Message for Bayesian filter learning from < external email address> will not be processed sender is not a 602LAN suite User 

Does anyone have any ideas what could be causing this? Forwarding junk mail to bayesian filter
by Darren Piper
2 Sat Dec 17 2005
1:59:58 PM (EST)
Topic is Open We have a license for 10 users and even though there are only 6 computers turned on at the moment, one of them is getting the message:

602LAN Suite has reached the licensed user limit. Purcase a larger license to prevent this error in the future.

when opening .
The amount of opened proxy ports is 5 at that time.
The same error is also occurring at another company of ours which still using the free 5-user version. 

Shutting down LAN Suite and retarting it solves this problem but ofcourse should not be the solution.
Any idea's anyone?

Users getting "Reached licensed user limit"
by Roland Deherder
3 Wed Nov 30 2005
4:57:14 AM (EST)
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