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Topic is Open My web mail access suddenly stopped working. I get a 404 (File not found) error when I try to access http://server/mail.

However, I can access http://server/admin and it works fine. 

Any idea what may have happened? Web mail not working
by steve rogers
1 Tue Jan 10 2006
3:49:30 PM (EST)
Topic is Open about 3 times per hour i get this on my Lansuite screen

00:04:24 SMTP: [2] Searching for ''...
00:04:24 SMTP: [2] Connecting to '' ( ...
00:04:24 SMTP: [2] Connection to '' ( established.
00:04:24 SMTP: [2] Waiting for identification...
00:04:25 SMTP: [2] SMTP connection to '' established.
00:04:25 SMTP: [2] 500 unrecognized command
00:04:25 SMTP: [2] SMTP connection to '' terminated.
00:04:25 Request for mail for EMAIL2
00:04:25 was not successfully sent to

I can send emails no problem has anyone seen this message. smtp
by Stephen Williams
4 Thu Jan 12 2006
10:36:36 AM (EST)
Topic is Open I just installed the lan suite, the web server is running just fine, but my mail server is'nt. I keep receiving a message saying we do not relay when it receives a message say from yahoo... Also when sending out e-mails it hits the MX on the other side but doesn't send it on. Please advise. Thanks No Relay- Help!
by David Blaine
1 Mon Jan 9 2006
11:31:36 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Hi fellas!

If I'd set up LS2004 as described in KB736 would:

a) Bayes filtering
b) removing file attachments

still work or work, too?

HrY Using as AV-gateway (KB736)
by H. Bilke
0 Sun Jan 8 2006
11:28:23 AM (EST)
Topic is Open When sending Fax to a Telephone No the Modem dials the number, ring tone is heard, but the fax is not sent. The fax remains active in the Queue for 5 attempts and gets disabled. What could be wrong. Will someone help me????????????? 602 Pro Lansuite 2004
by Ramanathan As
2 Fri Jan 6 2006
3:11:29 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Ok, how do I get Lan suite to show mail placed in the mboxes of each user..   or so can I get LAN suite to reindex the mail..??

Thanks Guys!

Kip Retoss mail
by Kip Gies
1 Mon Jan 16 2006
10:39:29 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Hi, this is a bad question, but i need to send messages with Blind Carbon Copy (BCC or CCO) and, when I log in my LANSUITE page to send e-mail, the BCC field doesn't appear... How I can activate it?

I use LANsuite 2004.

Thanks in advance. Need Help with BCC
by Miguelangel Mateosmonta├▒o
1 Sat Dec 31 2005
11:55:29 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Hello

Can someone explain how to use NAT correctly?
I had a Linux-NAT-Server. That was great. All applications worked correctly. Browsers, Messagers and POP3-eMail-Appz. And all with easy configuration. (Start NAT on server + modify gateway and dns on clients = that's all).

Now I need a windows application for using NAT. But I dont understand, why I need to make user accounts for POP3(??????). That is REALLY difficult and not very well.

Browser is not working with NAT (why not?). It's only working after I configured Proxy.

After 10-20 Minutes the Network hangs up on 602Lan Suite Computer. (???)
I cannot access LAN. And DSL Connection is closed and reconnection is impossible. After restart computer LAN things are working again.

I use WinXP for 602LAN Suite
2 Network Interfaces
1=DSL www
NAT does not work - PC hangs up network
by Jens Stahl
4 Mon Jan 2 2006
7:56:16 AM (EST)
Topic is Open How do I get Lan Suite to process messages faster?  

For example, I send a message from a yahoo server.  I immediately switch over to the lan suite log page, that shows the events in real time.  I see the connection to the yahoo servers.

However, the message that I sent from the yahoo servers is not processed until about 1 minute later.  Does anyone know how to make lan suite process the messages as soon as they arrive?  Thanks. Message Processing
by Eric Praske
1 Mon Jan 2 2006
2:20:22 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I had a hard disk crash!  I restored LS, but unsure which file contains the passwords.  My users are all there, but no one can access because of this missing file.. Any help..??

Kip Passwords File
by Kip Gies
3 Wed Dec 28 2005
2:13:40 AM (EST)
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