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Topic is Open I am using Lotus Notes at Work and I plan os using it at home as well but I have found that for some reason even though I can access the Databases throught the 602Lan proxy system, when I try to use the Replication function (port 1352) it generates an error. I have tried another proxy program and there was no problem. 
Lotus Notes has no Manual Proxy information that can be configured.
Is there sometihng in the setup of 602 that I am missing or is that port reserved for some task? Lotus Notes
by Karel Young
2 Mon Jan 23 2006
12:47:16 AM (EST)
Topic is Open I am receiving duplicate emails from my ISP because they are splitting the emails upon receipt for each user in the email. Here's what I mean.

If I send 1x Message with three Recipients to mydomain.tld 
	TO: user1@mydomain.tld
	Cc: user2@mydomain.tld ; user3@mydomain.tld 

Then 3 messages appear in my ISP's pop3 mailbox CatchALL@mydomain.tld which is visible from my ISP's Webmail account. My ISP tells me this is the way it ALWAYS delivers CatchAll emails.
Here's what is visible in my ISP's pop3 mailbox CatchALL@mydomain.tld 
	TO: user1@mydomain.tld 
	Cc: user2@mydomain.tld ; user2@mydomain.tld 
	TO: user1@mydomain.tld 
	Cc: user2@mydomain.tld ; user2@mydomain.tld 
	TO: user1@mydomain.tld 
	Cc: user2@mydomain.tld ; user2@mydomain.tld > 

What then happens is LAN Suite 2004 collects from my ISP's pop3 mailbox CatchALL@mydomain.tld 
	Message#1 to User1, User2 & User3 
	Message#2 to User1, User2 & User3 
	Message#3 to User1, User2 & User3 
Each user then receives THREE messages each
	USER1 Receives;
	Message#1, Message#2, Message #3
	USER2 Receives;
	Message#1, Message#2, Message #3
	USER3 Receives;
	Message#1, Message#2, Message #3

Hey Presto, I end up with a Total NINE Messages being distributed to my domain users instead of just Three. 
Can anyone offer help to this situation? Duplicate emails from my ISP
by Scott Pawley
2 Mon Jan 23 2006
7:41:49 PM (EST)
Topic is Open My wish list:

1)  Better SPAM filtering options ie. DomainKeys, SPF..... etc
2)  Integration with Active Directory accounts
3)  IMAP4!!!!
4)  Better fax handling under Windows Server 2003 products.  No matter what init string (even copied from the WS2003 fax server app) I put into LS2004, receiving fax just won't work under WS2003 while the native WS2003 fax server works perfectly.
5)  Better integration with IIS6.0 or newer.  I really don't want to run 2 web servers on my machine....

Anything else? Wish list for new build (or even new version?)
by Marshall Lai
5 Mon Jan 23 2006
11:10:13 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I downloaded and installed LS602 last night.

When I try to send a fax, I get the error message Unable to run program for sending fax.  

I copied the following from the help.  SendFax client: Unable to run program for sending fax - This is because
the SendFax client cannot communicate with the LAN SUITE server. This is
usually caused by the SMTP server being disabled, a port conflict on port
25 caused by another SMTP server already using the port, or the IP address
of the LAN SUITE server has changed. The SMTP server can be enabled by
checking the SMTP server checkbox on the SMTP tab under Advanced
Configuration. Try to ping the server from the workstation. See the
Unable to initialize SMTP server topic for information about
troubleshooting port conflicts.

But SMTP IS running--I was able to SEND and RECIEVE email via LS602.  Does anyone have any thoughts? 

WinXP Home SP2.  DSL w/Static IP Address. Unable to run program for sending fax
by Don Ireland
5 Sun Oct 1 2006
7:07:13 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Hi there. I am running LS 2004 with Active Reports. What is the difference between SMTP in and SMTP out?

If SMTP in means messages received through the SMTP protocol, is it messages that I have received through a POP3 account which was then sent to the user in 602 through SMTP, or is it messages that I have received from a mail server through the SMTP protocol only?

If it is messages that I have received from a mail server through the SMTP protocol, the report is completely wrong, as I have no accounts set up to receive mail through SMTP. Active Reports
by Pieter Doorewward
1 Tue Jan 17 2006
7:45:59 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Is there a way to use the proxy server content filtering and authentication without HAVING to set the proxy settings on the client machines?

jason Proxy filter without client settings
by Jason Bigler
0 Fri Jan 13 2006
7:36:37 PM (EST)
Topic is Open this is a strange one! i administer a few networks, mostly of limited funds with only a few hosts. 602 is perfect for this, usually no probs.


in one network, and one network only, i have to set the default printer on each host as 602sf client. printing from any program with the default printer set as anything else causes a msgsrv32 error, closing the application.

would have to research builds, anyone else had this issue?

thanx msgsrv32 errors!
by Robin Crosbie
1 Fri Jan 13 2006
10:10:34 AM (EST)
Topic is Open build 2004.0.05.0803 has twice just stopped checking the fax queue! used to happen sporadically with earlier versions too. only way round it i can see is to re-install. becoming a pain, love the program otherwise.

a. why?
b. repair?

thanx why not checking fax queue?
by Robin Crosbie
1 Mon Feb 27 2006
10:06:46 AM (EST)
Topic is Open I only receive the first page of multi page faxes.  Single page faxes work great but ...

I have reinstalled.  I have updated to the latest version 2004.0.05.0803 from the update server.  At a dead end.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Receiving partial faxes
by David Mchenry
1 Fri Jan 13 2006
10:57:57 AM (EST)
Topic is Open When I run Lan Suite, it starts with the Settings Tab in diabled condition. After about 10 lines of Lan Suite start it disappears. What could be wrong?????? Lan Suite Install
by Ramanathan As
2 Mon Jan 16 2006
3:09:41 AM (EST)
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