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Topic is Open Lansuit firewall is blocking my internal network from accessing files on the server but is not blocking all the computers on the network just some. I work in South Africa and we have had power failures (Load shedding) every day this week and the problems came in when the power started to go, is it possible that the firewall setting might have become corrupted? I did not chance any setting and it was working ok until the power failures. Firewall blocking internal network!!!
by Eric Matthee
1 Sun Jan 20 2008
2:01:02 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Hi my Ip got black listed as sending spam by I’m running a Sisco router with a static Ip address and when my users wanted to send e-mail got this reply:
”Attached message cannot be delivered to these recipients: - '': 550 rejected because is in a black list at”
I have my Fire wall turned on and have Ip filter configured there is no unknown e-mails in the Queue so as I understand this is that Lansuit is not sending out spam right ore am I missing something?

And is it possible to run F-secure on the same server running Lansuit?
IP Blacklisted
by Eric Matthee
0 Thu Jan 17 2008
2:32:51 AM (EST)
Topic is Open I need assistance, I have lan602 2004 and have a use it now for 4 years, some hassles but were managed. IT is still running strong. My server is now outdated and have reached the EOL. I Got a new rack mount server Intel 2500 and now need to know what to backup and what to restore to not lose all my history and data. Currently I am backing up the full c:\program\xxx files 

Now I want to installed the software again on the new server and then restore my old data from the previous year’s server

Who can assist me on this urgently ?

? Backup and Restore
by .. ..
8 Wed Mar 19 2008
11:13:16 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Hi, I'm using an FTP Server ETFP and I get my clients to using the EFTP Client to connect. I have opened ports 20-21 on the Lansuite Firewall.

The problem occurs after the initial connection is made and the server & client programs are trying to establish a connection for the encryption key. At this point everything stops and then times out because it cannot open up the required port or ports. 

The problem is definitely on the Lansuite firewall, because once I disable it everything flows freely. EFTP website doesn't appear to be maintained at present, so no answers from there.

Does anyone know which other ports need to be opened to allow for the encryption transfer?

Thanks Opening Ports for FTP Server
by Jim Stowe
1 Fri Jan 4 2008
2:22:09 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I require to re-install LS2004 fax client software on a pc but can no longer find this file for download on the 602 site.  Anybody have a copy they can email me or a site for download?

Your assistance on this matter is appreiciated.


ls2004 Faxclient software required.
by Andrew Forrest
0 Wed Jan 2 2008
10:04:09 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Have forwarded junk email to junk@junk or junk@junk.junk  Can not find where the address goes.  Have looked in the main program Spam and user places without success.  Any ideas??
Thanks. Junk Filter
by Sam Streger
1 Fri Jan 4 2008
7:53:35 PM (EST)
Topic is Open My computer is being bogged down by LAN602.  The log is inundated with (1:03:32 PM PROXY: 1720 Connection has arrived.)entries.  When I log out of Lan602 I receive a message that there as many as 70 connection open Multiple open connections
by Louis Glasier
1 Thu Dec 20 2007
5:56:57 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Hi, i've reinstalled my pc after an hd crash and all semms to be good. I reinstalled XP and also ls2004 with my USR56k Faxmodem. I can receive and send faxes. My problem is the image i receive is deformed. I cant see or print a normal fax. I use this string in the modem tapi line : ATQ0V1E1X3S0=0. Can someone help me ? 

Thx in advance 
Andrea IN Fax problem
by Andrea Sirri
0 Tue Dec 11 2007
7:21:01 AM (EST)
Topic is Open When i send mail it gives the following error 550 authentication required
550 authentication required
by Sk Mutha
1 Thu Dec 20 2007
7:58:01 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Recently I reinstalled the LanSuite 2004 coz of a system crash. Upon using I noticed that when you forward a message, it only includes the details of sent and subject on top of the message like the example below.
It should include from and sent to details as well. Appreciate your help and thanks in advance.

-----Original Message-----
Sent: Wednesday 11/28/2007 6:28:18 PM

email forward
by Bernard Villalon
1 Wed Nov 28 2007
10:25:30 AM (EST)
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