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Topic is Open I'm using the proxy server to give my son access to World of Warcraft and a couple of specific web sites.  When the program is started using the Start Menu shortcut, everything works fine.  When I install the Win Service and run it, he can't connect.  If the service is running and I start the configuration program (using the /config command line switch), he can connect again.  It seems that the GUI is required for the proxy server to function???  Any help would be appreciated. Works fine with GUI open, but not as win service
by Mark Chappell
3 Fri Jul 6 2007
9:56:35 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I get the following message 220 Proxy602 Gateway ready, enter user@host[:port]

I have a computer setup with lansuite 2004 and proxy checked.  

The client has the lansuite computer set as the proxy server.

What do i need to do? 220 Proxy602 Gateway ready, enter user@host[:port]
by David Dobson
3 Fri Apr 7 2006
7:32:43 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Is there any way to password protect the WWW server so that only our company employees have access? Would like to setup an intranet that only our employess have access to from outside the local LAN.

by Ron Graves
2 Mon Apr 10 2006
10:47:13 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Wondering if anybody else has seen these. I received one for a couple of days ago and have blocked the servers. 

4/5/2006 8:29:42 AM   Notification Of Limited
Account Access

LOG file shows below
:29:18 AM SMTP: [2] '' [] connected.
8:29:18 AM SMTP: [2] SMTP connection to ''
8:29:20 AM SMTP: [2] Receiving message to
8:29:20 AM SMTP: Invalid header line encountered - line ignored.
Invalid header emails
by Ron B
2 Mon Apr 10 2006
10:46:38 AM (EST)
Topic is Open My customer is getting this when they startup Lan Suite:

Restarted computer, same results. No new software or devices. 

Quick Connect Lan Suite Crashing on Startup
by Ann Underwood
0 Mon Apr 3 2006
10:33:04 AM (EST)
Topic is Open I am trying to set up UPS worldship but it is getting blocked at LanSuite firewall.  How do I set it up to allow this app full access to the internet? It uses ports 80 and 443 and has 4 files that need full access or I guess the app can be given full access. UPS World Ship
by Russell Boehle
2 Mon Apr 3 2006
7:07:20 PM (EST)
Topic is Open hi , i have  a problem with configuring email access , i have 2 email accounts i want the client pc to be able to access 1 is a gmail account and the other is the isp account , i don't want to set up an email server i just want to be able to access existing email account from gmail and existing account from the isp that came with the internet access, nothing i do seems to work are there any instructions anywhere ? please help :) cofiguration problems
by Mike V
1 Fri Mar 31 2006
9:19:58 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Hi all,

Just downloaded and installed yesterday.  We're running NAT and would like to block all port 80 access from the internal network to the internet.

From reading the pdf manual, it states that if the port is no in the firewall as a rule, then it is not allowed.  I have removed port 80 from any of the medium custom settings, however, it still works fine.

The goal is to block port 80 and force everyone to the http proxy server on port 81 to take advantage of the content filtering.

Ken (on behalf of Robert) Blocking port 80
by Robert McBride
2 Mon Apr 10 2006
5:25:07 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I have installed the serveur Fax with Analogic a Serial modem on com1, but it does not answer to the calls. What I must Make?
I have tried to make to answer from the Windows system and works! Fax donts rings
by gianluca schena
1 Fri Mar 31 2006
1:35:01 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Hi,

I hope someone can help me. I have installed the 602LAN Suite onto my server which at the moment will only be used as a Fax Server, therefore only the Fax Server is enabled.

However, when I send a fax to the server it dials connects then crashes the server, its brings up the windows critical error screen caused by amvport.sys (which is the driver for the modem thats installed). The server then has to be manually restarted.

I have an ISDN card installed which is configured as a TAPI device. It will send faxes using WinFax and also Microsofts Fax Program. I am running Windows XP Pro SP2.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Fax Server
by Greg Williams
3 Sun Apr 9 2006
4:57:53 AM (EST)
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