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Topic is Open i am on an internet connection here with an ISP that changes my last digit of my IP adress every other hour (or so). 

accessing my webmail, this causes a lot of trouble. writing an email, my IP adress may change again, in which case LANsuite602 throws me out, because of the IPchange displaying this message:

your ip adress changed from last...

is there any way to disable this protective measure? i am practically the only one using webmail, so there is really no need for this IPbased protection. your ip adress changed from last...
by Fabstar 81
3 Fri Sep 22 2006
3:15:35 PM (EST)
Topic is Open We are getting problem at the time of sending mails to some of the sites and getting message 553 sorry, invalid envelope sender in header (#5.7.1)
Mail Problem
by Bijay Chandak
1 Tue May 16 2006
1:27:08 AM (EST)
Topic is Open I have several orphaned/deferred (odlozeno) messages. The messages in the internet directory have the .dat extension, the messages in the odlozeno directory have .d and .x extensions. Is it safe to just delete these files? Messages in "io\internet" directory
by Domenick Luca
2 Wed May 17 2006
7:48:01 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Hi i have a small home network  have been exerimenting with different internet sharing solutions including windows ICS and a router, and would like to try lansuite.

I have been tinkering around for serveral hours and cannot get NAT sharing to work.

I have followed the NAT instructions i the lansuite manual and the guide on the support section of the website but to no avail.

I am certain my ip addresses are setup correctly and i currently hav e the windows firewall disabled on all computers for trouble shooting.  I have verfied that all my computer have a working lan connection and can see each other.

When i attemp to access the internet from a client on my network i get the following in the lansuite console.

NAT 0000 TCP> Connection has arrived. Basic NAT settings for Internet Connection Sharing
by Nishan Vivek
3 Wed May 17 2006
4:20:50 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Help!I wonder what is the default username and password for first time configuration of lansuite 2004. Default Logon Username & Password and
by Michelle Khoo
1 Tue May 16 2006
3:22:17 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Can the LS2004 be able to setup to restrict the email size a user can send out? Because I do not want any user to send out big email attachment, like greater than 5MB file. Restrict outgoing mail size.
by Cyber Tech
1 Fri May 12 2006
7:21:18 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Trying to setup skype to proxy through 602 lan suite, my 602 lan server has 2 nics on 192.168.0.* and 10.0.0.*, i have setup socks proxy and skype connects but i cannot see any live contacts and my contacts can't see me, if i change my clients ip address to an ip on the other side of 602 lan suite it works fine Skype
by Anthony Burnhope
2 Fri May 12 2006
3:57:15 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Ok, 
I have 2 computers in total.. one is the master (with the modem connection), the other just a slave for browsing the net.

When I attempt to go to a website (say to windows update)the following  happens in Lansuit log..
*** Connection has arrived. (03)
The lines between the *** repeat over 20 times and then ....

Too many users from one IP(4)
Blank URL
Connection closed
Connection reset by Peer - Pump

Followed by the next two lines repeated the same amount as the above 4 lines...

Connection Closed

Now I know it's something simple that I either have or havn't done, but I just cannot see what.

Some please tell me :)

too many users from one IP(04)
by Bryan Steele
1 Tue Jun 20 2006
5:10:41 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Hi all

Does anybody know when there will be a new version of lansuite released? the software is great and i look forward to the next update


steve new lansuite version
by steve del-nevo
1 Tue May 9 2006
12:37:57 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I have set up LS as a family mail server on old machine running Windows Me, but being an amateur probably didn't set it up to the best. My wife and daughter collect their mail from server using Thunderbird on a different PC.

I left the L/S mailbox size at 9999 and my wife's mail box is not showing over 18,000 files with a total of over 700 meg (her friends keep sending her baby pics!!!).

The disk is now full!!!

Anyway I wanted to clean it up and with that many the webclient route is not practical.

I have found her mailbox directory and want to delete as a start all mails on or before 31/12/05. I can select the 8,000 or so .DAT and .ZAS files involved and when I set delete running it deleted a few but then says that it can't delete as the file is in use. I have closed L/S, rebooted, tried all sorts but time and again it says the files are in use.

Any clues as to what is happening and how to fix it? Help deleting mails
by Ian Sutherland
2 Tue May 16 2006
5:46:57 AM (EST)
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