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Whenever a mailrecipient server performs a reverse DNS (PTR) check on my LanSuite the LanSuite replies with [220 ready] not [220] or alike.

A check with external DNS checking websites state [ claims to be invalid hostname 'ready': 
   220 ready]

P.S I have altered the external MX records to list and has an A record.

Any ideas where I can put the correct info into LanSuite. Whatever I type in the domain feild does not show in the reverse DNS (PTR) check EVER and I need a full not just

Hope you can help as I am beat! SMTP Greeting "220 ready"
by Ralph G
9 Tue Jun 20 2006
6:19:30 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Everytime my outlook cliet polls for emails, its been downloading the same emails several times from lansuite. Does anyone know why this is happening. It only started 3 days ago and i have had to keep deleting at least over 2000 emails everyday of which only 10 are the real emails. would appreciate an urgent help or tip Multiple copies of same emails
by Tunde Williams
1 Mon Jun 19 2006
4:32:07 AM (EST)
Topic is Open I am getting outside emails with faked addresses that appear to come from my domain.  Is there a way to block any incoming email that does not actually come from a valid user or alias on my mail server? Blocking faked from addresses from my domain
by Ed Cortes
2 Fri Jun 16 2006
5:23:11 PM (EST)
Topic is Open hi 
can 602 send alert to admin that mail exceeding x size is being sent or received ? 
mail sizes control
by Vincent Zuffour
2 Fri Aug 4 2006
11:19:20 AM (EST)
Topic is Open hi 
when using the Webmail , its cool but 
all mails in the sent items folder can only be viewed but not fwd another email address . does someone hv a clue how to this done 
webmail - cant edit / forward sent mails
by Vincent Zuffour
1 Wed Jun 7 2006
10:35:53 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Hi,

Within LS admin I set up the Bayesian filter (5 months ago)to help catch incoming Junk mail.  I've set the action to deliver the mail to a separate user SPAM and to prefix the subject with the phrase MERL SPAM.

ALL mail that goes into the SPAM user mailbox (900+ per day) has been classified as junk by the Bayesian filter (since it has the prefix phrase).  However, some classified junk mail (also prefixed) still gets delivered to proper LS users.  This problem has started ocurring in the last month.

Most of the junk sender addresses appear listed in LS user blacklists (anti-spam settings via webmail options), however, I thought the email would NOT make it to the user if classified as junk, and go straight to the SPAM user.  Is this correct?

If a LS user flags an email as junk within the webmail client, does the Bayesian filter get updated OR is the sender address ONLY addes to the LS user blacklist?

My guess is that the Bayesian filter should get updated.  If so then surely any subsequent classified junk mail should go to the SPAM account?

Any ideas welcome

Mike S SPAM still delivered to user
by Mike Samulak
2 Tue Jun 6 2006
5:32:56 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Hi everybody.

My PC gave an errorn Lansuite.exe generate errors and will be closed by Windows everytime I launched LS. I had to reinstall LS to a different folder before I could actually launch it again. So now I have a brand new squeky clean setup without any corrupt files or mboxes.

My problem now is that mail downloaded to my PC and was delivered to the mailboxes, but before the client pc's could retreive the mail from LS, it crashed. Because of the reinstallation to a different folder, the actual mails are still lying in the old mboxes. When I copy the mail to one of the new mboxes, the message has no subject, to, from or body. How can I get those old messages readable on a new mbox? Error. Mailbox redo
by Pieter Doorewward
3 Mon Jun 12 2006
5:41:59 AM (EST)
Topic is Open I can't get the LDAP working.
Where I'm at: I set the port to 389, user+password to 'admin', suffix (c=BE). Opened up the XP firewall port 389 on the server.

Port listener tells me that the request (389 traffic) arrives at the server. But nothing happens, the client is giving a code 9.

Tried with OE6, Outlook2007 & an LDAP Browser


FYI: I only use the e-mail functionality of 602LS & Client to Server POP3 is working jut fine.


LDAP error 9
by Jan Eeckhout
3 Tue Jun 6 2006
5:02:40 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Always giving...error 602LanSuite has encountered a problem and needs to close.....etc..etc.. 602Lansuite has encountered problem
by Bong Esguerra
2 Mon Jun 5 2006
10:14:30 AM (EST)
Topic is Open After launching ActiveReports/Run in browser I get message 'Unable to create ActiveReports statistics files.'. Statistic isn't done niether through lansuite, except if I choose in options only one user or IP. Well, there are too many users for doing report for each one.

Anybody ever had this problem?

Windows 2000 SP4
Lan Suite 2004.0.05.0812 ActiveReports
by Bogdan Fajdiga
3 Wed May 31 2006
1:47:43 PM (EST)
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