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Topic is Open We've found that if an end user accesses the webmail page from there they can directly access the Internet without being asked for a proxy login. Have you seen this or can you help with a fix? Thanks. Webmail page bypasses proxy login
by Dave Priest
3 Sun Jul 13 2008
2:15:26 PM (EST)
Topic is Open how can I put 2 or more WAN connection in NAT?
there is option for LAN. But I need WAN (external) how 2 or more WAN connection
by Tanvir Dhk
0 Tue Jun 10 2008
4:43:09 AM (EST)
Topic is Open I am in the process of moving LanSuite 2004 from one server to another, and as part of the recommended process it says to download the latest version, which as far as I can tell is not available.

Is there still a place through the website to download the 2004 version? or some other way to download it?


Rick Armstrong LanSuite 2004 Download
by Rick Armstrong
5 Wed Jul 2 2008
3:09:35 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Does anyone know how to disable 602LAN SUITE users in the web address book?  Know there's a way.

Thanks very Disabling 602LAN SUITE users
by Sam Streger
1 Thu Jun 5 2008
7:42:05 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Will Lan Suit 2004 work on Server 2008 64bit?? And Server 2003 64Bit? Lan Suit and Server 2008 & 2003 64bit?
by Eric Matthee
3 Mon Sep 29 2008
3:45:23 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Error message:

Anti-Virus updating was not successfull: Invalid signature of file C:\Programfiler\Software602\602LAN SUITE\bdupdate\Plugins\emalware.068.gzip!

Does anybody know what this is and how to solve it?

Geir Error updating the antivirus.
by Geir Sl√łk
1 Fri Apr 18 2008
4:27:09 AM (EST)
Topic is Open HI I migrated my mail server to new hardware and now my client can connect via outlook, but I get this error message 

521 Mail rejected - you are listed in Open Relay Database (Open Relays) [FREE] -

what is this and how do i fix it 

When i use outlook to connect directly it works 

Please help urgent 521 Mail rejected - you are listed in Open Relay D
by . .
1 Fri Mar 28 2008
11:14:50 AM (EST)
Topic is Open I get this error when Lan Suite starts up: you must specify a certificate file for the server to use. Trying to install a certificate
by Scott Franson
2 Sat Mar 22 2008
7:51:04 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Hi my users (on a domain) all brows the internet thru LS proxy server (NAT is off) and I uses WSUS to get the latest patches and updates from MS,  my domain PC get the updates from my WSUS server no problem but my laptop users (not part of the domain)are trying to get it directly from MS update web site but keeps getting an error 0x80072f78 if I connect them direct to my DSL router no problem but as soon as thy go thru LS proxy it happens again So I tested one of my users PC that is part of the domain to download direct from MS update site and get same problem  any body else get the same problem? Not such a big issue for my normal users but for my laptop users a bit of a problem. Proxy and Windows update???
by Eric Matthee
0 Fri Mar 7 2008
8:14:49 AM (EST)
Topic is Open I'm getting a new error with my LanSuite
Error initializing SMTP port - Port already used?

I've been using this for SSL with ATT Yahoo, with the special SSL port, and its been working fine til a few weeks ago, but now there seems to be a conflict with port 25.  I'm not really sure where to look to correct this port conflict.



New error "Error initializing SMTP port"
by John Hendry
1 Sat Jun 28 2008
11:34:29 AM (EST)
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