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Topic is Open I have accidentally deleted my admin user and cannot make changed to settings any more.

Can somebody tell me how to recover. Lansuite 2004 accidently deleted my admin user acc
by Les Dickenson
0 Fri Aug 23 2013
2:21:32 AM (EST)
Topic is Open 

Anybody knows what was the last version number of Lansuite 2004...

and where can I get it... 

the archived version is 2004.0.07.0305, ?is this the last one

What was the last version number of Lansuite 2004
by Zee Dr_zee
0 Tue May 10 2011
2:24:43 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I have been using Lansuite for the last five years but recently i cannot ping the server when lansuite.exe is running but when i go to services and stop it or kill the process using task manager i can ping the server. What is causing this block? Lansuite.exe stops the network card
by Antony Mbogo
0 Thu Jul 9 2009
2:17:58 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Having just migrated my Lan Suite 2004 installation to a new computer, I'm now having problems using LS2004 to send (SMTP) e-mails. Both my Outlook and LS2004 are installed on the same laptop computer - a configuration I've been using for the past 4 years without problems.

My user account on LS2004 is my first name (without domain name); I have registered my domain name in LS2004. Outlook is able to log in to the account for POP3 mail retrieval without problems.

When I 'Test Account Settings' in Outlook, it works fine - no failures. However, when I try to send (SMTP) e-mails, I get a failure message: ... Sending reported error (0x800CCC81) - 'Unknown error 0x800CCC81'.

I have double checked the settings and the reply address in the message being sent and find nothing wrong.

Outlook is able to send the same message (using the same reply address) via my ISP's e-mail server without problems (but then I don't have the advantage of having the message logged by LS2004).

Any suggestions as to what the source of the problem might be and how to fix it?



PS I'm not really interested in upgrading to the current Lan Suite since I'm in an SOHO environment and find it does not really suit my needs (I have tried it).

Outlook 2003 SP3 - LS2004 0x800CCC81
by MichaelJ.H. Davies
2 Thu Nov 6 2008
9:01:56 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Hello, 

We are currently using LS2004 and have a user who is complaining that his mail goes very slow. We finally convinced the user to move to Outlook, but have some questions about the move.

This user has about 50 subfolders in the Inbox, and about 4000 emails altogether. Since POP3 is not capable of getting messages from folders other than the Inbox, the move would take an extraordinary amount of time (first suck down emails to Outlook, then move all emails from a subfolder to the Inbox, suck those down into Outlook.. repeat ad nauseum). Is there an easier way to do this?

I had the following idea but I'm not sure if it'd work: We plan to upgrade to Groupware in the near future. Is it possible for now to upgrade only THIS user to the trial version of Groupware and then use the IMAP functionality in the new Groupware to grab all the emails, folders, etc into Outlook, and then within outlook, make the account a POP3 account again without losing any emails? (This way we can install Groupware and then remove it until we are ready to upgrade everybody).

I am open to any suggestions as to how to most efficiently do the move, or how to speed up this user so the move isn't required.

Thanks for reading. LS2004 to Outlook
by Barry Kucher
1 Fri Oct 31 2008
11:35:03 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Hi

I've just changed one of the computers connected to the server but get the above message. I think i need to let lansuite know to accept this new pc but how?

Thanks! Access denied by ip filter
by Jeff Bale
0 Thu Jul 17 2008
12:03:51 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I have just installed Windows Security patch KB951748 and
LS has just stop working properly.

When browsing the Internet we get a Host not found error.
It happens very often. Sometimes it just works again pressing F5 in IE.

Uninstalling KB951748 just make things work again.

Would there be any patch for LS 2004 to fix this error? 

PS: I don't know if this is a LS problem or a Microsoft bad patch.

Best Regards,
Jesus Marquez

Thank you. Lansuite 2004.0.07.0305 wont work with KB951748
by Jesus Marquez
9 Mon Sep 29 2008
10:34:51 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Hello!

I know that this isn't the best place to ask about Skype, but I've been searching on the net for quite some time now and I don't know where else to search for.

I've been trying to use Skype on 2 network workstations, but had no sucess so far. Scanning the URLs on the 602Lan Administration, I see the following logs when Skype tries to connect:

PROXY: 1524 Connection has arrived.(03)
PROXY: 1524 Time: 0s
PROXY: 1524 Time1: 0s
PROXY: 1524 Bad URL
PROXY: 1524 Blank URL
PROXY: 1524 Connection closed.

However, on the server where 602Lan is installed, I didn't have to configure anything on Skype; I'm able to connect without making any proxy configuration on Skype! On those 2 workstations, I even tried to configure proxy, but that didn't work either; I still get the above results.

Our browsers are configured to access the web via a proxy server. 

Please, could anyone give ANY help??

Thanks in advance! [OT] Cant establish a connection with Skype
by Jose Rosa
1 Wed Jul 2 2008
7:14:07 PM (EST)
Topic is Open i followed these instructions

but I still get a buy now or buy later error message. Is this normal?

I have version 2004.0.07...

thanks moving LS 2004 to another server
by robert guerra
1 Thu Jul 10 2008
3:39:38 PM (EST)
Topic is Open HI there i have installed lansuite many times great , now i have a new service provider Mweb

How do i setup the SMTP for Mweb


Johan How to setup smtp with Mweb
by . .
1 Fri Jul 11 2008
8:19:06 AM (EST)
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