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Topic is Open I want to remove the Add to 602Album..  element from context menus ( =the menus that popup when you right-click a filename in Explorer). Can't shift it. Got a fix? Remove Add to 602Album.. from context menus
by John Shanks
3 Wed Feb 23 2005
4:56:43 AM (EST)
Topic is Open I am a new user to 602Suite. I used 602Text while in Prague years ago.

I have what should be a simple task. I have the text of a title page in a (2479x3508) JPG file written by GhostView from an EPS file. (It has 16.7M colors, only 2 are needed).

I want to make the white transparent but the Make Transparent choice on the Color menu is inactive (greyed out).
How do I enable it?

Then I want to superimpose (merge) that on top of another JPG background image (2588x3375).

I presume the two images need to be same size to do this. How do I add 55 pixels to the right and left of the 2479x3508 title and take off 66 pixels off the top and bottom to make it the same size as the image?

Then I gather I can merge the text on top the image 100%.

Thanks. Make title transparent and then merge
by T Widlar
0 Wed Dec 1 2004
2:37:54 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I have recently downloaded the 602 Pro Suite, and have a problem installing it. I get several error messages, namely 'incompatible version of RPC Stub' and 'A required .DLL file, MSCOREE.DLL not found'. Could someone tell me why this is happening, and how to fix it. Jim
by Jim Miller
1 Fri Nov 12 2004
8:21:19 PM (EST)
Topic is Open While adjusting for brightness, contrast, and sharpness I've lost half of the image.  This has happened in one third of my attempts, have I got a scrambled version or does anyone else have the is problem. Thanks Partial loss of image
by Ed Ritt
0 Mon Sep 27 2004
3:07:49 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I found an old thread about this, but with no definite resolution.  It would be nice if something was done to enable this task since that ('02).  The reason it doesn't work as described in brief passing (where I have seen it) is that it is unreasonable to assume that envelopes as common as #10s will not FIT in my (or many other) printer in landscape mode!  So if 602Text lacks the logic to get the text rotated by some reasonable means, I'd say this constitutes a semi-serious shortcoming!  If it does exist, it certainly isn't obvious by template, menu choice or helpfile documentation! Printing Envelopes w/ 602Text
by Jay Murphy
1 Wed Sep 22 2004
3:24:41 PM (EST)
Topic is Open When I click shortcut to album the arrow and hourglass just keeks flashing back-n-forth never laoding. 602 Album will not laod
by John Wright
0 Wed Sep 15 2004
12:34:02 PM (EST)
Topic is Open cannot get photo albums- only sample album comes up. downloaded manual and have tried for 2 days but no luck. lost
by jeanne penney
1 Fri Aug 27 2004
11:12:05 PM (EST)
Topic is Open the software does not reconize my digital camera I click on insert in the tool bar, then when I click on from scanner or from camera
my scannercomes up in both cases.
will not identify my camera.
I have two other photo software
programs and they both recognize my camera with no problems. I have also tried clicking on the camera icon and then click select source. shows  no camera or usb disk drive . the camera is shown in my computer under devices.

unable to retrieve photos from digital camera
by William Babcock
1 Mon Aug 23 2004
6:51:24 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I've used 602Photo Suite many times before, and was always able to crop pictures.  Now, that option is not on the toolbar, as it used to be, and if I go to the drop down menu under image, the crop to selection is in gray, not black, so it's not functional to click on.  HELP, PLEASE!!!  I've used and loved this program mainly because of the crop feature.  I can't imagine what has disabled the crop option, but I need to know how to fix it.  

I have Windows Home Edition, with IE 6.  PLEASE, PLEASE HELP ME FIX THIS!  Thanks.  Val Cant get crop to work
by Valerie Foster
4 Fri Aug 20 2004
5:12:55 PM (EST)
Topic is Open How do I rearrange photos within the same album.  Drag and drop does not seem to work. Rearrange photos in album
by Richard Porter
2 Wed Sep 29 2004
12:44:27 AM (EST)
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