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Topic is Open Is there any way to read a spreadsheet created in Excel and run the macros within it? 602Tab
by Geoff Frith
1 Sun Dec 18 2005
4:48:57 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Hi,

I have the paid version but unsure what to enter to get a barcode to print? How do u print barcodes?
by Rob Aston
0 Thu Dec 15 2005
4:43:24 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I want to keep California FB as my default font, but the font continually reverts to Times Normal when changing to a new document. Default fonts
by Gawaine Ross
3 Sun Jun 4 2006
10:11:02 AM (EST)
Topic is Open I wonder if 602PCSuite 4.1 can be used together with computer aided translation tools such as Trados, 
Wordfast and Transit? Does anybody know? 602PC Suite 4.1 and CAT tools integration
by Gabriel Georgiev
0 Fri Dec 9 2005
6:12:29 AM (EST)
Topic is Open How do highlight a portion of text? Highlighting text
by James Wilsey
1 Sun Jun 4 2006
6:41:31 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Is there a power point like program available? I need it for a presentation I need to create. Power Point ???
by James Wilsey
0 Thu Dec 8 2005
6:40:54 PM (EST)
Topic is Open My computer crashed and I lost all my files.  Now I need to reinstall 602PC Suite.  Please tell me how do I do this.  I have my license ID and purchased this suite in July, 2005.   
Thank you for any help you can give me,
Jean Reinstalling 602PC Suite 4.1
by Jean Reinicke
2 Thu Dec 8 2005
12:44:13 PM (EST)
Topic is Open How can I use Find and Replace with a paragraph symbol?  Seems like it will work for the first one only.  It will not Find the next one.

I have a document that has paragraph symbols at the ends of the lines, so I want to replace the paragraph symbol with a space so the text will flow. Replacing Paragraph Sign (Text)
by Carol Delis
3 Thu Dec 8 2005
10:26:03 AM (EST)
Topic is Open How can I keep text in a paragraph together so that a single line or even a single word does not go over to the next page?  MS Word has that feature called keep together and as I remember, you can select it in the Paragraph choices.  

I am preparing to make a huge PDF file and don't want single words or even single lines on the next page. Widow lines (Text)
by Carol Delis
2 Thu Dec 8 2005
10:12:00 AM (EST)
Topic is Open I need a full column of 1450 rows in my database converted to lower case. Can anybody tell me step-by-step how to use the function for this? 

Unless 602Software already made a dummy book (for me!). :-)

Thank you How to Lower Case
by Alma Lorete
1 Thu Dec 8 2005
11:37:25 AM (EST)
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