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Topic is Open Will there be upgrades or fixes to Build: in the future?  For example:

User definition of the Default Font (Times New Roman is extremely irritating)

Auto Spell Check / Replace (ie automatic capital at the start of an sentence) 

Page format -- re Backgrounds / Watermarks

User defined Time Stamp / button

Thanks Product Upgrades
by Jean Autery
0 Sun Jan 29 2006
5:21:15 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I used to drag graphics (jpegs for instane) from (say) windows explorer into 602text and they would appear as graphics. Recently the behavior changed and now the are objects and are represented by and icon. I cannot get them to display as pictures other than via the menu insert/picture etc.

This is not a major issue but I would like to get it back to the former behavior and cannot find the setting
Rick Drag & Drop Graphics
by Rick Grunwald
2 Tue Feb 7 2006
2:05:09 PM (EST)
Topic is Open my PC Suite 4.1 from my old to my new PC with a previous registration key? 
Thanks a lot. How to install
by Paul Vermaut
1 Mon Feb 6 2006
6:05:50 PM (EST)
by Lucio Pedrazzoli
1 Mon Feb 6 2006
4:00:49 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I'm trying to clean up my Windows XP startup files. What purpose does pdfSaver serve as a startup file? Startup file pdfSaver - Needed
by Karen Beyer
1 Mon Feb 6 2006
12:54:35 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Hello, for some reason the auto color the program uses is purple.

Does anyone know how to change it to black, so that when I open a document, the font/text is black?

thanks auto font color
by Jonah Gilmore
1 Mon Feb 6 2006
3:07:10 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Is there any way to print addresses on envelopes with this program? how to print envelopes
by Alan Zimmerman
1 Mon Feb 6 2006
1:28:58 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I have column of formula results. I have filtered the worksheet and am seeing the data (from the formulas) on 'screen'. I need a total for values displayed on the page. What can I do to get a total of just this subset of data that appears on the worksheet after I apply the necessary filter. Can someone please help me? total the sum of filtered, formula-based figures
by Christa Williams
1 Thu Dec 29 2005
7:09:44 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Is there any way to delete a row once it's been established and contains data? Delete Row in Tab?
by Karen Beyer
0 Thu Dec 22 2005
12:23:51 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I have been using 602Text for quite sometime but it is annoying having to re-type all my personal 'auto text' entries each time I have to reinstall the software if upgrading, changing drives or reinstalling the Operating System. Is there any method to save the 'auto text' entries to simply reinstall in a new installation? Saving Auto Text Entries
by Keith Forecast
0 Fri Dec 16 2005
7:53:17 AM (EST)
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