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Topic is Open Wow what a process. The sad thing is that I can't unregister the program. So how am I going to reregister? And if I unregister a multi-user registration will that unregister the all the people on that license??? Man what a pain. unregister and reregister???????????????
by John Mcneilly
0 Fri Mar 3 2006
9:36:51 AM (EST)
Topic is Open I have a computer that is in my office at work and one in my home office.  I am the only one that uses both computers.  There is NEVER a time when both computers would be in use at the same time.  Do I have to purchase a second license for my work office?  I hope that the terms of the license allow the software to be used on multiple systems as long as it's not used concurrently on multiple systems.  Thanks, Rick. Licensing 4.2 on multiple computers?
by Rick Owen
2 Wed Mar 15 2006
1:53:51 PM (EST)
Topic is Open This year passed ('05) had been a tough one for us. On top of all, our computer ate it's tail a couple times and had to be reformated in the shop a couple times. We lost our older version of 602 PC Suite and could not install v.4.1 due to a video card in need of an update. We tried several other soluitions, different word processors, spreadsheet stand alones, photo/image management, etc. All the others were not too bad but I'm not quite as good a functioning professional landscaper without 602 PC Suite. 
  I read these forums for educational purposes, I have learned a lot over the 4 or 5 years I've been using 602 Software products. Lots of good bang for a small ammount of $. Some of your products have been dropped for other 602 Software products that met our needs. I just felt it was time for some praise for 602 Software products in among the problems and solutions. 
Many thanks from a grateful user of 602 PC Suite v 4.2 . Gen. Manager, Dove Gardens LLC
by Leo Nowak
0 Thu Feb 23 2006
7:26:49 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Trying to format margins in a cookbook so when you turn the page the margin is always a little bigger next to the three hole punch.  In word this is known as the gutter and usually found under the page setup. Any ideas on how to resolve this issue in 602 text? margin gutters
by Jen Roth
0 Tue Feb 14 2006
9:45:09 AM (EST)
Topic is Open I installed the free version and then paid for and downloaded the paid version, but I am not able to use the thesaurus still. it tells me this is only available with the paid 602pc suite.
What do I need to do? text not recognizing paid version
by Terri Buchanan
1 Sun Feb 12 2006
5:02:18 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Ienter the formula


and I get an Unexpected character error, referring to the decimal point.


and the calculation is worked.

I tried it using other values, and the same thing happened.

Am I to understand correctly that this spreadsheet is incapable of multiplying by a decimal value? Multiplication formula
by Matt Wills
1 Wed Feb 22 2006
10:11:49 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Why will an animated gif not work in PC602Photo? It only shows up as a single image. 602Photo
by Daniel Ritter
0 Sat Feb 11 2006
3:24:01 PM (EST)
Topic is Open When opening 602Text file the last size and position of the window is used.   602Tab window opens off center no matter how I save the file.  Any trick to do this?? 602Tab initial window position & size
by Eric Grau
0 Wed Feb 8 2006
11:44:06 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Could you please make a program that would allow me to post to my web site directly out of the text program instead of going through email programs. Post to Web Site
by Kenneth J
0 Mon Feb 6 2006
6:03:14 PM (EST)
Topic is Open pl enlighten as how to merge cells in a row in 602Tab? How to merge cells in a row in 602Tab
by Hayagreeva Acharla
2 Sat Aug 26 2006
3:45:27 AM (EST)
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