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Topic is Open Can anyone tell me how to insert a basketball bracket made on 602pc tab to microsoft frontpage 2000? I'm new at this and I'm sure there's an easy explanation I just can't figure it out. Any help would be appreciated. Frontpage 2000
by Paul Zierk
1 Mon Feb 23 2004
12:18:36 AM (EST)
Topic is Open How can I delete a page break now that I have inserted one by accident?. Deleteing a page break
by Antoni Jones
4 Fri Mar 12 2004
4:27:50 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Hey guys, 
I am trying to create a chart in Tab. The range on the Y axis comes up the way I want it to, but the range for the X axis is alway's defined as 1. I want the range to be defined differently. Any suggestions? 602Tab
by Rocky Brockway
1 Thu Feb 5 2004
1:27:10 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Is there a way to use the label format under tools so it's possible to create a label sheet with multiple names and addresses ? I want to have multiple names on a label sheet, not just a whole sheet of the same name. Not a mail-merge, just to create a a series of different shipping labels. 
So far the only way I've found is to import a Word label template for the task. Any easier way ? label formatting question
by Zach Taylor
1 Thu Feb 5 2004
10:16:49 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Why with Suite602 TEXT, does my default paper size for Letter come up as 11.69 X 8.27??  If I go back to legal and then back again to letter, it's okay, not a big deal. But somewhat of a pain, everything else has performed up to expectations so far, New user though.
       I'm running Win98se on a P3/450 Micron.
Default paper size??
by Walt Nicholas
2 Tue Feb 10 2004
9:14:56 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Hoe do Guy's?!

In the spreadsheet, how do I fill a column in with consecutive numbers?

Be stuffed if I am going to do it manually.

Cheers Dave Creek consecutive n
by Dave Creek
2 Tue Feb 10 2004
8:19:04 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Can anyone tell me how to enable macros in 602Tab after opening an Excel spreadsheet? Thanks, Gary Enabling macros in 602Tab
by Gary Bulloch
1 Thu Feb 5 2004
5:20:08 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Is it possible to format the text in a cell to link to another worksheet? I kept timecards for 30 employees in an xls file with one worksheet being the overview that displayed to date totals by name. Each name was a book mark that took me to the worksheet for that employee. Staffing has changed with the new year can I recreate this in a 602 file?

Jane Bookmarks in Tab
by Jane Mccord
2 Wed Feb 11 2004
2:27:54 PM (EST)
Topic is Open By the way, I guess I should say, this is the best word processor I've ever seen and I've tested them all. Best Word Processor
by Ric Landers
3 Mon Feb 23 2004
4:56:51 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Who is the sadist who thought-up the head/page numbering function in this application?

It makes no sense. I've tried to figure it out for an hour and end up with number 1 in the header I can't get rid of. I've been to the knowledge base. All I want to do is number the 100 pages in my document. 

How do I do this -- step by step, please.

Page Numbering Nightmare
by Ric Landers
1 Wed Jan 28 2004
1:29:41 PM (EST)
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