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Topic is Open I entered and saved a document. Text appearance was normal. When I returned, cursor appearance had changed from 1 to something like a musical note and the script had spread out- as in-1I entered    1 and    1saved       1a document. I presume this HTML format but I am unable to undo. Please help. JQ text document
by Joseph Quinn
0 Thu Mar 25 2004
10:09:10 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Here is my problem. I tried 602, bought and paid for it. Found I didn't like it. Now, when using MSWORKS, and my new word program ( Easyoffice) When I save a file, I click save as and go to my chosen format, the file saves in 602 format. How can I change this so when I save a file it won't save in 602? Thanks in advance, John File associations?
by John M
1 Thu Mar 25 2004
11:30:42 PM (EST)
Topic is Open My spell checker stops at periods in acronyms when I do a spell check.  It's very annoying and time consuming.  For example, it stops at U.S., at e.g., etc..  I've tried adding these to the custom dictionary but it changes nothing.  The SKIP ALL option (which would solve the problem) has never worked.  Can anybody help? SPELL CHECKER STOPING AT PERIODS IN ACRONYMS
by Pierre Champagne
0 Tue Mar 23 2004
1:52:55 PM (EST)
Topic is Open How do I fix this?  My file worked fine yesterday, and today, the program seems to be only opening some files and not all of them.  Yet, I use that program for everything.  For all my files.

I chequed the disks and they are fine.  Can anyone help? File Read Error???
by Kelly Law
0 Tue Mar 23 2004
12:51:52 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Good morning. I am user of the 602Text version 2003 of 602PC Suite4. I am an user no commercial (I use the product just for personal use - home-made - residential).  
But I have a doubt.  
I know that the products of the software602 are excellent. You are of congratulations.  
And the 602Text are the best program than I found to transform texts and bottoms in files HTML.  
 However I want to know if a form exists of programming the file, before generating HTML so that, after me to generate HTML am not possible for who opens the such file HTML in a navigator (browser) of internet, to have access to the text, so that it is impossible to select the text as it is done with any common text, the in order to protect my text and bottoms, etc. Also desire to know if it is possible to do that, leaving free for selection just certain links that I to insert.  
In case that is not possible, it can be a beautiful suggestion to improve still more the 602Text!  
I am trying to build a page in the Internet (home-made page), just to entertain my friends and to impress them and also to impress some girls with my ideas.  
In case somebody can help myself, favor to send an e-mail informing the answer (besides posting her/it in this forum). I and the community user of the 602Text will be thanked.  
Favor to help me.  
Cleisson Alexandre Milani To protect text of HTML (I file HTML anti copy)
by Cleissonalexandre Milani
1 Fri Mar 26 2004
4:51:53 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Bom dia. Sou usuário do 602Text versão 2003 da 602PC Suite4. Sou um usuário não comercial (utilizo o produto apenas para uso pessoal - caseiro - residencial).  
Mas tenho uma dúvida.  
Sei que os produtos da software602 são excelentes. Vocês estão de parabéns.  
E o 602Text é o melhor programa que encontrei para transformar textos e fundos em arquivos HTML.  
 Porém desejo saber se existe uma forma de programar o arquivo, antes de gerar o HTML para que, após eu gerar o HTML não seja possível para quem abrir o tal arquivo HTML em um navegador (browser) de internet, ter acesso ao texto, para que seja impossível selecionar o texto como se faz com qualquer texto comum, à fim de proteger meu texto e fundos, etc. Também desejo saber se é possível fazer isso, deixando livre para seleção apenas certos links que eu inserir.  
Caso isso não seja possível, poderá ser uma bela sugestão para aperfeiçoar ainda mais o 602Text!  
Estou tentando construir uma página na Internet (página caseira), apenas para entreter meus amigos e impressioná-los e também impressionar algumas meninas com minhas idéias.  
Caso alguém possa me ajudar, favor enviar um e-mail informando a resposta (além de postá-la neste fórum). Eu e a comunidade usuário do 602Text estaremos agradecidos.  
Favor me ajudar.  
Cleisson Alexandre Milani Proteger texto de HTML (arquivo HTML anticópia)
by Cleissonalexandre Milani
0 Sat Mar 20 2004
4:50:49 AM (EST)
Topic is Open The brazilian usual date format is dd/mm/yy. When I´m using 602Tab, I format the cell like dd/mm/yy with success for dates up to the 13 day. If the entry refers to days bellow the 12 day, the 602Tab, automatically changes de digits from day to month, and vice-versa.
For example:
Entry  07/03/04 (March, seven, 2004),
602Tab changes to 03/07/04 ( in Brazil: July, three, 2004)
If there is a way to avoid this, please tell me.
brazilian date
by Vladimir Alegrini
2 Thu Sep 9 2004
3:22:50 PM (EST)
Topic is Open i am new user, 602PC suite can't support chinese, i am from hong kong, use chinese version windows, and need to type chinese everyday, but it don't support it, so that software for chinese is not useful, In CHINA has 1,100,000,000 people, why this company give up this market?!?! 602PC suite cant support CHINESE : (
by Kenneth Lau
0 Tue Mar 16 2004
1:22:57 AM (EST)
Topic is Open just wondered if it is possible to make up a booklet in pdf format. 
ie Having saved a sequence of webpage articles (about 60 pages), i would like to be able to present them as a singe pdf file.
Unfortunately when i batch save the pages it always files them as individual articles , that is one page only , so i end up with 50 different pdf files. I would prefer to have just one pdf covering the whole 50 pages
anyone any thoughts??

adding pages to make a book in pdf
by Pete Ellis
0 Sat Mar 13 2004
1:43:05 PM (EST)
Topic is Open when i scan a document with graphics it comes up alright on text but when i try to save it the graphics dont save  text is okay. can anybody help please. thank you pat 602 suite graphics
by Patricia Swannick
0 Sat Mar 13 2004
2:21:46 AM (EST)
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