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Topic is Open I'm trying to open an attachment in excel - a message says my workbook is locked.... what do I do? cant open excel attachment
by Beth Wawrzyniak
1 Fri Jun 4 2004
11:35:33 AM (EST)
Topic is Open I am able to select only one font i.e Times New Roman (Western) when I use 602Text. However, if I open WordPad then I can select other fonts also. Please advise. Only one font shows in 602Text
by Sanjiv Doraiswamy
0 Wed Jun 2 2004
7:17:10 AM (EST)
Topic is Open How do I format a numerical cell to show more than 2 decimal places? The cell will hold more than 2 decimals when typing in an entry but when I input a formula I can't determine how to format the cell beyond a rounding to 2 decimals. Thanks! Cell format for decimals
by Ron Clark
0 Tue Jun 1 2004
1:16:46 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I tried turning off or reducing security stuff, re-submitting registration (many times, and Registration Mananger still claims I haven't registered anything!), and I'm still not receiving my License ID number via e-mail to unlock the spell-check for 612PC Suite 4.0 (free).  What's wrong?  Anybody?!

Paul I Still Havent Received My License ID E-mail!
by Paul Eddy
2 Thu Sep 9 2004
7:21:57 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I have just installed PC Suite 4.0 over muy older version as an upgrade. When trying to open the 602 Album, I get the message 	
The procedure entry point SHgetSpecialFolderPathA could not be located in the dynamic link librabry SHELL32.dll and that is it. I am able to access all the other programs without any hickups. Is there a wizz out there who can help me? Is it operating system (NT)?	602 Album
by Mauritz Vanheerden
1 Tue May 25 2004
2:22:01 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Is the PC suite prog made to work on Windows O/S only?

I'd like to know if this would work on Linux O/S.

If not, when is Linux support going to be added? Is this for Windows only?
by Kirk McCrabb
3 Wed May 19 2004
10:54:00 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Does anybody know whether there are plans to incorporate the ability to use endnotes in addition to footnotes with 602 Text? Being restricted to only footnotes is very limiting for most writing styles, especially technical. To my knowledge 602 Text is the only word processor that does not have the ability to work with endnotes. If I am incorrect and have simply missed this feature, my apologies. Thanks. Endnotes?
by Michael Palmer
0 Fri May 14 2004
7:03:56 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I and My Brother register 602Pro PC Suite 4.0 Free for 2 PC's.
On my PC all OK, but my brother can't open Page Setup Dialog. Same problem has my friend when he installed Service Pack's 1 an 2 on his Windows XP.
I and My brother have WinXP SP1 Russian (+ SP2 Patches).
P.S. When I Install 602Pro on PC with WinXP w/o SP and w/o registration this Dialog works OK. Bug with Page Setup Dialog
by Roman Gorin
2 Wed May 19 2004
5:43:07 AM (EST)
Topic is Open I cannot make international characters work properly in my spreadsheets... when they are opened in Excel, they are replaced with other characters.
The charatcers I need to use are , , and  (they are replaced with ć,ř, and ĺ) International charcters support?
by Ivan Rios
1 Thu Sep 9 2004
5:48:12 PM (EST)
Topic is Open On April 16 I asked a question about quotation marks.  I said that 602Text arbitrarily decides for itself that a quotation mark is an open quote or a close quote, and changes them accordingly.  I don't like that.  I want to use the same symbol wherever a quotation mark (or a ditto mark) is supposed to appear.

Robert Smith suggested I should try a different font.  I tried several.  That did not solve the problem.  No matter what font I use, 602Text insists on making what it determines to be open quotes look different from what it determines to be close quotes.

MS Word does the same thing, but has an option to turn this unwanted feature off.  I'd like to know if it can be turned off in 602Text, and if so, how to turn it off.

Followup query re quotation marks
by Neil Parks
1 Thu May 20 2004
11:32:54 AM (EST)
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