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Topic is Open I would like, as many others do, a hash file in my own language.
Does anyone know how to create hash files? Please tell me if you do, I would be very happy to know. hash files
by Rejmond Jensen
1 Fri Sep 10 2004
7:53:25 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Hello,
I live in Poland, write in Polish, and just need a typical Polish character , which is usually available by pressing right alt + a simultaneously. Unfortunately, in 602PC Suite, this combination is reserved for ANSI character keyboard shortcut..
SOS.. SOS.. SOS.. :))
Marcin Missing Polish character..
by Marcin Palasz
2 Tue Feb 15 2005
5:07:09 PM (EST)
Topic is Open My latest email from 602 says:

 **** The upgrade to 602PC SUITE 4.1 is recommended for all users ****

but the only 4.1 download available appears to be whole suite. I appreciate that this will update the existing program by replacing it with a new one, but I would expect 'upgrade' software to be a smaller add-on. Or am I just being fussy? :-) Upgrade?
by James Pickett
5 Wed Oct 6 2004
2:47:10 PM (EST)
Topic is Open 602Tab doesn't display italics numbers correctly. 1/2 of the last digit (on the immediate right) is cut off by the column border. Also, 602Tab really needs to have the formatting wizard that Excel does (In Excel, select Format Cells to display the Format Cells dialog). It 602Tab is to be easily usable, you have to do away with the old-fashioned template-style formatting. Excel issues
by Fred Dalgleish
2 Mon Sep 13 2004
11:55:04 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Out of the box, the first thing I did in 602Text was open a word document, and open the same doc in Word. There is poor kerning (I think thats the term) in 602 compared to Word. Characters are very unevenly spaced... Character spacing
by Fred Dalgleish
2 Mon Sep 13 2004
11:40:19 AM (EST)
Topic is Open tab seems unable to deal with decimal points.
=a1*b1 yields !!errValue
where a1 is .06875
and b1 is 55000
drop the decimal and it does what it is supposed to do
SImple formula-I don't understand what the problem is decimal point 602 tab
by Charles Foster
3 Fri Sep 10 2004
7:23:16 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Hi,
Just added the following numbers in 602TAB using sum() and it gave a difference of 1.48 from my calculator.  Can someone explain why the difference?
602TAB total using SUM=56.99
Calculator total = 58.47
602TAB Error Difference	1.48

Also, tried to add manually in one cell(=a1+a2+a3+...)and gave an error if more than 4 cells were entered - why? Thank you!!
Cheers, Willi 602TAB SUM() errors?
by Willi Metz
3 Fri Sep 10 2004
3:07:37 PM (EST)
Topic is Open everytime i select english us it says that it failed what do i do? language selection
by Leanna Myers-reams
2 Thu Sep 9 2004
9:18:53 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Hello
When i try to print under 602Tab i've a 602Tab crashed and system wants to senD information to MICROSOFT. From this report i now that the problem is connected with comdlg32.dll but have no idea how to fix it.
602 Text works fine.

Maybe somoeone coul help..
robert printing in 602Tab crashing program
by Qwe Qwe
1 Wed Aug 25 2004
7:18:57 AM (EST)
Topic is Open when I try to open,using 602 text, a doc previously created with Suns/ open office,I get all giberish,is it capable of opening Open office docs? opening Open office docs?
by D G
1 Mon Aug 23 2004
6:18:23 PM (EST)
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