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Topic is Open hoe do I put in a new or old toolbar to show at top of 602 tab lee
by Lee Ash
1 Mon Oct 18 2004
3:54:03 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Hi,
i've inserted a table and want to print the lines (and the columns) of the table, if i set the lines parameter into the table properties it draw only the border of the table...what can i do to draw the entire table lines?
Thanks! How print table lines?
by Nicola Ferrara
2 Tue Oct 12 2004
11:25:00 AM (EST)
Topic is Open I have been using the old PC Suite 2001 even though I was a paid owner of 4.0, I was not using 4.0 because of a bug when it first came out and never reloaded it.

I decided to download and install 4.1 after talking to the company and I noticed that when printing either multiple copies of one file -or- using mailmerge it sets each copy as a separate print job. So now each copy has to open the printer, print, close the printer and start over again???

With PC suite 2001 it was just one big print job and on my printer window I could see 1 of 20 or 6/20 so I would know how far along I was. Now it's always 1/1 (one of one).

Has anyone found a way to change it to printing multiple copies as one print job?

Gary Printing Multiple Copies or MailMarge
by Gary Smith
0 Fri Oct 8 2004
11:12:15 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Hi Folks, I'm a new 602PC SUITE 4.1 FREE lister. A newbie too.
I was advised to sign up here, because, your spreadsheet is compatable with MSWORD and EXCEL' and can exchange data in this form.

Specs: MS-ME, MSWORKS only.

Can you all direct me to instructions from 602software?

Thank you, 

Lloyd Lloyd
by Lloyd Hightower
2 Fri Oct 8 2004
7:38:27 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Can anyone tell me how to aquire a document from the scanner into 602 text Using your scanner in 602text
by jeff hofstra
1 Wed Oct 6 2004
6:35:33 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Can Tab handle Hyperlinks to other locations in the same spreadsheet?

I created a new sheet in Excel with a hyperlink (in cell A1) to cell B2.  It works fine in Excel, even if I re-save it in Tab, but it doesn't move to the location when I click on it in Tab.

All my old links are indicated in underlined blue text - just as in Excel, so it seems as if some provision has been made for it. Tab and hyperlinks
by Hannes Vdmerwe
3 Fri Oct 22 2004
7:25:47 AM (EST)
Topic is Open I have the following problem with 602PC suite.

When I tried to paste a copiedtext from MS Word 2000, I unvariably receive a message 'Program failed. Backup copy opf your document was saved...

Is there a way to paste a text from Word onto 602PC, or it is no-no operation? How to paste Ms Word text
by Alex Granik
1 Tue Sep 28 2004
6:53:17 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I am wondering whether the lastest version of PC Suite is still running on NT 4.0. PC Suite 4.1 still running on NT 4.0?
by Karl-stephan Werkmeister
1 Mon Sep 27 2004
3:54:16 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Does anyone know why text would appear jumbled? I don't know how to fix the spacing between lines. The text is cut & pasted from wordpad where it was just fine.
 Thanks! jumbled text
by Lisa Oneill
1 Tue Sep 21 2004
10:08:10 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I am using 602PC SUITE 4.1 (paid). I can not retrieve files from the network when using Tab. The program freezes and Cntrl-Alt-Del is the only way to close. However, if I open locate the file in Explorer and double click on the file name, or select it from the recent file list; I can open a network file. 

This isn't right. Do I have a bad install or is there something else. 602 has full network rights.
by Daniel Kaczor
1 Mon Sep 20 2004
2:52:59 PM (EST)
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