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Topic is Open I bought a registration key a few days ago. Registration went just fine. But every time I have turned the computer off, when I turn it on again, this little stupid thing keeps asking for the registration key again. Can it not even remember that? Keeps asking for registration Key
by NielsBerthel Johansen
1 Wed May 30 2007
1:08:01 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I have deactivated my reg. key and removed the 602 programs from my old windows 98 machine.  I have installed the program on the new XP machine and it tells me the trial period is over, please register.  When I register I am told the Reg. Key is no longer valid.  I did receive an e-mail telling me that I had successfully deactivated the registration key. Does 602 send out a new key or do I use the existing key for my re-install? Right now I can't get the old key accepted so I can't use the program????? How to move 602 to new System
by Paul Schutt
2 Wed May 30 2007
6:09:21 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I keep having this question, even if I haven't changed anything in the current document. Don't know how to get rid of this... do you want to save the changes?
by Dennis vanLeeuwen
1 Wed May 30 2007
8:09:37 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Hi to all,

Although I have a little command of English, I am not quite sure about te technical linguo. So  if a version of 602 PC Suite existed, I'd be glad to upgrade mine!
Thanks in advance!
Pierre In French
by Pierre Poussin
0 Sun Apr 22 2007
1:44:02 PM (EST)
Topic is Open How do you e-mail photos from the photo album?  I select a photo from the album and choose send an e-mail.  I get a wizard that lets me change the size of the photo and other options.  When I have made all my selections, I select Finish. However, then a little pop-up displays but it goes so quickly I cannot tell what is happening and nothing seems to be sent. If I choose send an e-mail from the photos (not an album), it brings up an e-mail for me to fill in with the photo already attached, but I cannot resize it and I have some photo originals that are in excess of 7mb in size.  Any help appreciated. E-Mailing Photos
by John Wilkerson
1 Wed May 30 2007
9:58:06 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I have pcsuite 602 version 4.0 or what ever and how can I get updates to this product I don't see any links for updates Where do you go on here for updates to the product
by Jamest Smith
1 Mon Mar 5 2007
8:54:19 PM (EST)
Topic is Open while surfing through word(just purchased 602 software) I must have changed a default in word.

A symbol(looks like a pi, mathematically symbol). is showing up when I open up word at the cursor position. I can't eliminate, continues to show up when I start a new text docuement.

Also, this symbol was transferred throughout my existing saved  text docuements.

Does anyone have an idea how to change template  so symbol does not show up whem I open up new text docuement.


symbol shows at cursor position in text docuement
by Jon Gushen
1 Mon Mar 5 2007
12:54:51 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I CAN read documents from a Microsoft Word document when I open it in a 602Text application, BUT I CAN NOT display a 602Text file in a Word document correctly.  It opens and displays a lot of small squares, squiggly lines, odd charachters- &%$))))^*^^*% etc.  So I guess to be correct, it will open the file in Word, but it won't display correctly.  Does anyone else have this problem, but more importantly, does any one have a fix for this, I can't find a Conversion tool on Microsoft's web site either, unless it's named something else than-602___ because there's nothing named 602 anything.

Thank you for your help posting here if you have the same issue or a resoloution.
Cant open / display 602TEXT in a Word.doc HELP!
by Danny Kerr
3 Tue Mar 6 2007
12:41:14 AM (EST)
Topic is Open I have a lot of Microsoft Spreadsheet documents.
Can they transfer over to this Spreadsheet format?
Thank you in advance for your reply. Spreadsheet Question
by Pamela Garris
0 Fri Jan 26 2007
10:47:03 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Hi~
I purchased 602PC suite and says on my xls file created
by 602 my license number is no good?????
After spending the $19??
Pehaps this is an problem for the FBI since it is
intersate theft????
Ron Hoover Contact the police in where?
by Ronald Hoover
2 Fri Nov 16 2007
9:21:24 PM (EST)
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