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Topic is Open i have sent my cv to and employment agy who have said that they can not open it and to re-send as a word doc or rtf, i did the cv on 602pc text,so how do I change this document or file type
by Sharon Atkinson
1 Fri Mar 4 2005
12:00:31 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I wonder whether other 602PC Pro  users have encountered the following printing problem and whether thay have come up with any answers?
For four years I have successfully used various versions of the 602Pro wordprocessor software with a Canon BJC-2100SP inkjet printer connected via a parallel port.  Multipage documents have always printed correctly using soft page breaks and entering a page number at the top of each page. (I don't use page headers because they are too much trouble and I have to insert the numbers anwway!) However, modern printers all have a USB connection, and neither the Canon i350 nor the Compaq IJ650 will print multipage documents (with hard or soft page breaks; makes no difference) without losing the plot and putting successive page numbers progressively further down the page. I am using WIN98SE but this shouldn't make any difference. Printers - USB versus parallel port
by Ian Juniper
3 Sun Mar 13 2005
10:55:11 PM (EST)
Topic is Open If anyone knows anything about Magic Text, please acknowlege.
Mine does not work----. Magic Text
by Ed Seefeldt
1 Sat May 14 2005
4:39:27 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I just wanted to drop a note of gratitude to the folks connected with 602 Software products and to the folks who post Q & A on this forum. 
I've had a paid ( and later an upgrade)license from 602 Software for 602 PC Suite on a Win98SE platform since about 2000(602 PC Suite 2001) and am a happy camper. PC Suite 4.1 is a peach to use. I write bids in 602Text, manage client contacts in 602Tab, and keep seperate albums for family, home, and landscaping jobs in 602Photo. I even composed a simple website(HTML) in 602Text. I am not too technically proficient but I do know what works for me. 602PC Suite 4.1 works for me. Thank you, all.
No replies are needed. Much thanks.
by Leo Nowak
0 Fri Feb 25 2005
12:52:11 AM (EST)
Topic is Open I cannot get the Magic Text to work.  I can change the style boxes and the color, but cannot print anything in the text box..... RETIRED
by Ed Seefeldt
2 Sat Feb 26 2005
9:40:15 PM (EST)
Topic is Open i sent a microsoft excel sreadsheet by e-mail from work to my home. When i try to open it it says workbook is locked. i tried unlocking it from the tools dropdown but it wants a password.
I tried my password from work and my 602 password. No luck! Need some help here please. owner
by Dan Frolik
1 Fri Feb 25 2005
5:22:33 PM (EST)
Topic is Open is there a way to remove the add to album.. from the right click menu on the explorer shell ?

i looked in album and in photo for an option for it - but didnt see anything

is there an option in any of the programs in the freeware version (or do i have to manuallly edit the registry to remove it?

thanks for the info album explorer shell integration
by William Trusty
0 Sun Feb 20 2005
12:41:06 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I've changed the view settings from Thumbnail to Detail, but it's still very slow loading the file browser window when I do Open, Save, or Save As. 
Am I the only person who thinks it's insanely slow? I'm on a fairly fast computer and it takes 30sec~1min to display the file browser window. Any tips or tricks to fix this problem?
Thanks in advance, Slow File Open/Save/SaveAs
by Min Kim
2 Sun Feb 20 2005
12:47:49 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Anyone know how to draw lines in a spreadsheet using 602Tab? Drawing in 602Tab
by Anthony Ridley
2 Sun May 15 2005
6:07:55 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I want to print a spreadsheet centered on a landscape page using 602Tab but cannot find any help telling me how to do this, I can mess around with the margins but surely there must be an easier way of carrying out this mundane little task.

Anyone know the answer? 602Tab Centering
by Anthony Ridley
0 Wed Feb 16 2005
7:17:59 PM (EST)
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