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Topic is Open I have an e-mail that says my 602PC Suite is registered, and also shows a license ID.  However, I cannot access features restricted to paid copies, of which mine is one!  Can someone please direct me how to handle this frustration? Failed Registration
by Calvin Cassidy
1 Tue Aug 9 2005
8:51:00 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I need to know how to enable full Macros for the files I try to open. 602Tab Opened Files
by Joshua Davis
1 Tue Aug 9 2005
1:57:10 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Is there the possibility to set an Italian Language Interface for 602PC Suite? Let me know.
Thank you,
Sam Italian Language Interface
by Samuele Brembilla
0 Sun Jul 31 2005
9:58:10 AM (EST)
Topic is Open get the message an older version is on my pc (already deleted though) and it breaks off the install when it tryes to install tab.
i have searched the registry and my pc but cannot find were the software is hidden.
can anyone help me ??? cannot install 4.1
by Jos F
2 Tue Aug 9 2005
3:21:36 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I've been using this 602Text word processing for the last two years as the main alternative for MSWord. Nonethless I am missing the feature VIEW/DOCUMENT STRUCTURE that I have found only in MSWord because it is very helpfull for editing large documents. Does someone knows how to get such index like view in the 602Text. If not, there is a suggestion for developers of 602Suite to introduce such feature. 602Text document structure
by Carlosa.m. Gonzaga
1 Tue Aug 9 2005
7:06:40 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Have used 602everything for 4 years, I love it. Have upgraded from Win98se to a new HP winXPsp2 and cannot save my any new work to my previously used disc. Save & Save as both say unknown error
The previous work on 98se is intact and I can create from where I left off, just can't save anything. Cannot save any new work
by David Homan
1 Sat Jul 16 2005
3:15:04 AM (EST)
Topic is Open What I meant was - is there a French Language interface support for the program? Is there a version for users whose mother tongue is French? 
Thank you - Howard French Language interface for the 602 PC Suite
by Howard Handler
0 Mon Jul 11 2005
8:54:55 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Do you have the possibility of changinging the default English menus of the PC4 Suite to French?

If so - how do I do It?

Thank you - Howard. French default language for menus
by Howard Handler
0 Sat Jul 2 2005
10:39:25 AM (EST)
Topic is Open The Registering program sucks.... I have spend 3 hours trying to get it installed on a new computer.  They E-mailed me a new License ID.  I used it and all I get is license ID Invalid. I like the software but its no wonder people stop Using it because of the problems getting it registered.  Its not worth it. Trying to Re-register on a new computer
by Terry Gibbons
1 Fri Jul 1 2005
9:09:10 PM (EST)
Topic is Open no spelling check available spelling
by Fred Short
1 Fri Jul 1 2005
11:19:57 PM (EST)
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