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Topic is Open I have bought the 3-user version and registered it online with no problems, then received a single multi-user license key by email.  I installed the correct multi-user version of the software on the first user's PC and everything was OK.

When I tried to install the same multi-user software on the second and third PC's, entered the same company name and license no into the correct fields, I pressed the Next button and up popped Invalid License ID!

Anyone else had this happen?  Have I misunderstood the licensing prodedure?  Do I have to get individual licences somehow?  Any help would be much appreciate.

Regards. Multi-user installation
by Geoff Jones
2 Thu Sep 1 2005
9:03:46 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Hi,  I'm trying to open a file that is a .xls for school i get an error workbook locked.  what am I doing wrong?  Thanks for any help.
Tom help with 602tab workbook
by Tom Brown
3 Tue Aug 30 2005
11:21:32 AM (EST)
Topic is Open I downloaded 602PC Suite 4.1 to help me download and print my work schedule which was sent as an xls file and the type is a tab document. This won't open it. I get an error message that says, unable to open this file.Any suggestions? Thanks. Mr.
by James Kennedy
1 Wed Aug 24 2005
4:16:39 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Hi anyone know how to remove page numbers in 602text removing page numbers
by Rob Aston
0 Mon Aug 22 2005
11:08:04 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Is there a way to have either the IFTrue action or the IFFalse leave the value in the current cell unchanged?

X1=y, A1=1, y varies depending on other fields.

If(A1=1,0,*X1remains unchanged*)

I guess I'm asking if there is a null action available.  I suspect the answer is no as it seems that before the formula is evaluated, the current cell is set to zero. 602TAB conditional If null action...
by Meredith Lukashal
2 Tue Aug 23 2005
3:19:25 PM (EST)
Topic is Open In 602text wavy red lines have appeared under a document. It is on Normal  view. How did it get there and how do I get rid of it?  HELP please.
Merv R Red text underline
by Merv Russell
2 Fri Aug 19 2005
4:38:22 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Hello,

I am wondering if this works when I received a 602Tab spreadsheet with hypertext links (blue words with a line underneath) to open up the internet and find the page that I am looking for - but in this case, its not working at all.

Is it possible to make this work?

Thanks. 602Tab hypertext links
by Matthew Archibald
1 Fri Aug 19 2005
6:25:12 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Ok, my suite is registered, thats not the problem.

I got 602Album with the free download, I enter my licence in the 602Album and it comes up as invalid ???

Do I need a seperate licence for this or what ???

Very confused Licence ID
by Zara Hilton
3 Sat Sep 24 2005
8:11:24 AM (EST)
Topic is Open I have registered and paid but have not yet received the email, I then went to Registration manager and it indicated no products registered, what must I do No email sent with licence Id
by Paulo Andrade
1 Fri Aug 19 2005
5:20:51 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Hi ya all,

Can u set the view to 2 pages in 602 text? 2 Page view
by Rob Aston
0 Tue Aug 9 2005
10:36:09 PM (EST)
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