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Topic is Open Can anyone tell me if I put lansuite on my system, will the test program have fax capibilities? Lansuite
by Donald Flynn
1 Sun Dec 29 2002
6:19:44 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Hi,
Wonder if you could help just skip me through some basics - yes that should work. - no that doesn't.

Have a shared printer on the network (not on the lan host machine) I can print to it from the host but fax will not see the printer in the Print Faxes on receipt! Does the printer have to be on the host?

Before all other machines (All 2 others) boot, should the host machine be running and have Lan Suite running to allocated IP, or can it catch up and allocate?

I'm I right in saying the Host Lan Suite machines IP address should be allocated automatically or should it be predefined ( also how is the DHCP server address decided?
I can't figure if the DHCP isn't launched when the host boots, how can it be allocated an IP (seems sensible to set it manually)?

The Lan Suite machine (I'm pushing the recycle theory here is PII 233MHz, 98,304 K ram. Running W2K, 1 x Network Card, 1 x Fax modem, other bits) but it's just the kind of machine that Lan Suite should run on, old with little else to be asked of it?
I've also got an ISDN Router (yeah, many questions, but I'll learn fast). The ISDN Router ( is connected to the hub my connection is always on but with a 2 hour disconnect. The hub is configured correctly as it has worked before Lan Suite. If I tell Lan Suite that the connection is permanent, I need to pass requests from clients to Lan Suite which in turn asks the Router to dial, if it's not already connected, any guidance would be great. I guess we've got 2 firewalls Lan Suite and the Router. 

I realise this is long and almost like I know nothing. It's nearly true I just need a kick start, will be printing the user manual later and studying.

Thanks in advance.

Best regards
I hope these aren't too basic and piss anyone off, steep hill to climb. But I've got me boots on!
just need a helping hand? Basic. I know
by Allan Macdonald
1 Mon May 13 2002
1:57:54 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I've still not cracked this,
I would like to PC Any onto other workstations, rather than the Server only. Has anyone found a way? PC Anywhere into W/S behind ProLAN
by Gordon Rae
1 Fri May 3 2002
8:28:22 AM (EST)
Topic is Open I came across a reply to an earlier post:
I think I have that Registry fix for you. I am running NT 4.0 so you may want to verify that this will work with your OS:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\Current ControlSet\Services\Tcpip\Parameters

MaxUserPort Value:65534

TcpTimedWaitDeley Value:0x3c (60 in decimal)

...but I am unsure whether to use a string value, binary value, DWord...  what???  I seem to be having these errors crop up about every week, and it should just run without needing to be rebooted (NT 4.0 SP6)  
Besides filling me in on the type of values to add, any other fixes or settings to check for this?

No buffer space registry settings for ver 3.32c???
by Dean Payne
0 Mon Apr 15 2002
4:21:16 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I now have Lan suite set up as an NT service, but is the only way for me to admin it by a web page?  I have no tray icon or text screen giving me information about the smtp server I have up.  Help please.
NT Service
by Randall Harter
1 Thu Apr 11 2002
8:01:05 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Hi,
How would I be able to filter out spam when I am using POP3.  I think the ANTISPAM under SMTP works only if I have an MX record defined on a DNS and when I am using SMTP to receive emails.  I am now only using SMTP to send mails but uses POP3 to receive emails.  I hope I am wrong.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.  THANKS!! How can I Antispam in POP3?
by Madison Lee
2 Fri May 3 2002
2:33:26 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Hello, 

Does snyone know if, and how, 602Pro LAN Suite supports multiple fax modems? We receive a large number of faxes - I have 3 modems attached to the Windows2000 server where 602Pro LAN Suite is running. 602Pro LAN Suite recognizes the 3 modems, but only the first modem will answer a call. 

Thanks in advance for any help.
support for multiple fax receive modems?
by Mike Reich
1 Thu Apr 11 2002
11:47:53 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Help!  I need to send some emails from the command line and I love Lan Suite.  How can I do it or can you recommend one?  This is in a Windows Environment.

Matt Send emails from command line
by Matthew Wright
0 Tue Mar 26 2002
1:40:00 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Hi Folks,
as a european firm we would like fax pages to be formated in A4 format. We can't seem to find any options for that though ! Thank's for any reply
Fax Page Size
by Fee Schmieder
2 Thu Apr 11 2002
1:25:44 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I have just installed my lan suite and while sharing the internet has worked perfect I have not been able to receive messages. I configured outlook express in the pcs to send and receive the mail. However it sends perfect but it does not receive the messages. I know that the messages sent to me are being retreived from the ISP server, but I do not know where do they arrive in the lan suite and how to get them. 
I guess I have a bad configuration in outlook and also in the lan suite. Outlook does not know where to look for the messages or lansuite does not know where to send them... Any ideas?

Ricardo Mails do not come in
by Ricardo Ospina
2 Thu Apr 11 2002
6:50:20 PM (EST)
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