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Topic is Open It appears as if someone is surfing to porn sites, but the level of activity is too high, it must be a robot or some other automated form of mischief.  Any idea how I can find what this is?  I can see the activity on our 602 server, but can't isolate it to one computer.  I have NAV on most, have installed new NT 4.0 on several...  Would NAV find this, or is it some service that NAV would not find, because it might not technically be a virus?
Dean Source of porn traffic on my network?
by Dean Payne
0 Tue Jul 23 2002
12:56:53 PM (EST)
Topic is Open We are having problems at the client stations when collecting E-mails from the server. When we have several messages in the mailbox, only the first 1-2 messages are collected,  the rest is left on the server. We have to delete this messages manually from the mailbox, then the rest is collected. ( WIN98SE, OE6,0, dial-up internet) ) Collecting E-Mails from Server
by Istvan Gaal
0 Mon Jul 22 2002
6:45:46 AM (EST)
Topic is Open I´ve installed 602Lan Suite in a Windows 2000 server, to be my STMP mail server. But, the program don´t route mail from Macintosh Users (OS 9.02 and 8.6 using Outlook Express). I´ve configured the client´IP on IP Filters window, but it still not working.
Anybody have passed by this problem?
SMTP Server for Macintosh users
by Claudio rocco Fernandes bruno
2 Wed Aug 7 2002
3:48:29 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Have an NT 4.0 server, SP6, 320MB ram on a PII 233.  Today, started the server, found I could not run 602 pro internet server (3.32c) because during initialization / processing messages it crashes, I can read !!FreeZ error, block 584382#####   id  321 and another with id 324 before the window closes.  Dr. Watson gives the error 
inetsrv.exe application error, access violation 0xc0000005 address 0x00266110  I have restarted several times.  I changed nothing, it was running on Friday. Inetsrv.exe exits/crashes "FreeZ problem"
by Dean Payne
3 Tue Jul 23 2002
10:51:02 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Hey all,  I'm working on setting up a network using an 8 port netgear switch between 4 computers.  The purpose of this network will be to split the internet between the machines.

I have installed this software on a box with XP and two seperate NIC's.  The first NIC is the internet connection and the second NIC is connected to the home network.  I've filled in the information as described in the help file to get DHCP up and running, and while the network seems to be working fine neither the machines running 98 nor the other machine running XP are recieving IP's on reboot.  They are setup to auto recieve from DHCP server or whatever (not manually configured).  I suppose once I fix my DHCP problem the proxy will work just fine, but until then we'll have to continue to swap use of the modem.  Thanks in advance for any help you may be able to offer. Proxy Support and DHCP
by Aaron Stockton
0 Tue Jun 18 2002
3:51:09 AM (EST)
Topic is Open To enable reciving mail from my isp I must force server to check mail using administrator ! somebody can help me ? ( I have a ISDN coonection so I qant connect only when I need check mail ) Reciving Mail
by Marco Leoni
0 Tue Jun 4 2002
9:29:49 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Outgoing mail in client workstation(Outlook Express 6) can't go out with an 550 error: no such user here. Seems the server blocks the passage. Have unchecked the relay for 602pro lan suite users only under SMTP tap already.
Appreciate anyone who can shed some light on this. Thanks. SMTP relay
by Perry Tong
3 Wed Aug 7 2002
5:24:37 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Hi;

I've tried to use wildcards to restrict some site access like *.*mp3*.* and ip mask but it's not working.

Does someone knows what is wrong?

Thanks wildcard not working for site access
by Paulo Keglevich
0 Fri May 24 2002
6:22:40 PM (EST)
Topic is Open How can I configure the pop3 server in such a way that e-mail send to one e-mail address is delivered into multiple mailboxes? Groups and E-mail
by J.h.a. van de Weijer
2 Thu Jan 30 2003
4:39:05 PM (EST)
Topic is Open How can I configure the pop3 server in such a way that e-mail send to one e-mail address is delivered into multiple mailboxes? Groups and E-mail
by J.h.a. van de Weijer
0 Wed May 22 2002
4:38:07 PM (EST)
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