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Topic is Open Has anyone fugured out a method to archive/forward a copy - for all the outgoing mail ?

Would greatly appreciate any help archiving outgoing mail
by Pradip Shah
1 Mon Sep 16 2002
7:52:07 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Trying to ping from client pc's thru Lansuite 2000/2 to URL or known IP address. I have setup DHCP, Proxy, Socks, etc etc. Clients are 192.168.0.x / LS200x is DNS, Router and IP forwarding added. Everything works without a glitch; dhcp, mail, proxy, surfing, FTP'ing etc. Yet when I try to ping or tracert from client side I get Destination Host Unreachable or Timeout. There is a response from Software 602 staff re LS2000 saying it will be fixed in next version (I guess LS2002) however it still doesn't work!
Please help! IP Forwarding
by FirstName LastName
1 Fri Nov 8 2002
6:25:30 PM (EST)
Topic is Open When receiving emails to outlook express from the same sender, both emails are delivered to the person whose address appears first on the address line. How to get lansuite to send it to the correct addressee? Email mixup
by Lourens Botha
0 Wed Sep 4 2002
6:58:45 AM (EST)
Topic is Open When I send a fax, it looks like it is successfully transmitted, but i do not receive the fax delivery confirmation via mail. It is really important for us to receive this acknoledgment.

Thanks for answer Fax ACK
by Catherine Vivier
0 Fri Aug 30 2002
5:22:07 AM (EST)
Topic is Open I can't seem to find the acquire feature to scan a text doc.  Does it not have this feature.  If not how can I get it? faxing from the text suite
by George Emerson
0 Wed Aug 14 2002
8:56:30 PM (EST)
Topic is Open How many Modems (or lines) does LAN SUITE 20002 support ? Number of Faxing Modem lines Supported
by Sebastien Merdjani
1 Wed Aug 28 2002
3:53:55 AM (EST)
Topic is Open I am missing the possibility to view the number of mails in the mailsboxes and the size taken up by these mails for each mail box.

I hope I have missed something (otherwise the product does not support this?)

/Jan Mailbox statistics on a user basis
by Jan Straegaard
0 Mon Aug 12 2002
11:31:48 AM (EST)
Topic is Open I am having trouble with accessing secure sites (https) when using site access in lansuite. 

When I try to access a secure site i recieve a cannot find server message. 

When site access is not used i get straight through to the secure site.

Any ideas please??!!??!! https using site access
by James Spencer
3 Thu Feb 9 2006
7:12:04 AM (EST)
Topic is Open i just want to receive faxes with my lansuit. the problem is- if there is a voice call on the line it also picks it up- ok- but the it doesnt regonize that there is no fax - and keeps the line open! all further calls arent coming through because modem is in off hook status. tryed 5 modems and different drivers - pls help problems with fax- modem
by Papa Kilo
0 Wed Aug 7 2002
9:01:28 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Hi,
Iīm trying to stablish an ODBC connection trought 602LanSuite between a workstation and the internet, therefore I get an error message refusing the connection. This dosenīt occurs when I use the PC where is installed the 602LanSuite. Does anybody know what do I have to set up on the workstation ?
Thanks ,
by Jamires Monteiro
0 Wed Jul 31 2002
5:30:10 PM (EST)
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