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Topic is Open Dear Sir/Madam,

----------1st problem
I've been testing out 602lansuite.
and it seems that on some fax machine( on the other end receiving part), seems to be receiving the fax 20 to *god knows how many pages!*

althought there is only 1 page of fax, the fax get printed out about 20-** times the same page!

what's wrong? is this problem specifically due to certain fax machine?

------- 2nd problem
and y i couldn't receive fax? it seems to receive the call, and does nothing! and the fax machine hangs up after timeout trying!

please resolve it asap.
my client is getting annoyed with the duplication of faxes.

best regards,

James send duplicate fax pages & cant receive fax
by James Tan
0 Mon Jan 27 2003
4:13:37 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Complete novice.

Can I use the program to build a web site? Site building.
by Maolcolum Basher
1 Wed Feb 5 2003
4:50:31 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Hello

I got 602 LanSuite installed and turned the DHCP server on as stated in the manual. However my clients get assigned an IP, but they can't browse the internet. I.m.h.o. the cause is that there is no default gateway for the clients. I cant find this option in the DHCP settings.  I have set up DNS and subnetmask but to no avail. Pls help me out. clients dont work gateway empty?
by Wim Vankregten
10 Tue May 6 2003
1:20:37 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Lansuite 2000 works fine but incomming emails often get delivered to the correct account and a random number of other accounts too. No pattern to this as emails come from multiple sources and are mailbox specific.
There are about 50 mailboxes with so recreating them would be a pain. Where can I start to reolve this? Many thanks, Alex in the UK. Delivers to too many mailboxes!
0 Thu Dec 19 2002
6:42:23 AM (EST)
Topic is Open After installing Lansuite on windows2000 professional , its services get automatically stopped after few minutes. We have tried tested on different machines but no use. Its give an error message that Lansuite.exe has generated some errors and will be closed by windows.

Please resolve this problem ASAP as we are not able to configure proxy server.

our order number is: 23749506
Vendor ID: 19946
Order date: 12th march 2001 Lansuite.exe
by Gaurav Bhatnagar
1 Fri Dec 6 2002
4:53:04 AM (EST)
Topic is Open This is the error I receive from Netscape when I try to access my Omnis Studio datafile using Lan Suite as a web server !

500 Internal Server Error - error occurred while receiving response from OMNIS server or load sharing process (Reported by OMNIS CGI program)
Any ideas
Claude Lan Suite - Omnis Studio CGI
by Claude Collerette
3 Mon Nov 25 2002
8:33:16 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I have recently switched the workstation email software from Netscape Messenger to MS Outlook. This requires setting up user accounts on the the 602 server computer.

When doing this I watched the log file download 130 emails for one of the users. Then I set up the workstation. It didn't receive those emails but it sends and retrieves all new emails just fine.

Is there any way to get these missing emails back??? Help --- Missing Email
by Dan Bodycomb
2 Mon Nov 11 2002
9:32:37 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Hi,
We're in the process of becoming a domain from a workgroup. When the clients PC is joined to the domain, it seems to be necessary to setup a new e-mail account which means all mail in the inbox is no longer available. Is there a way around this so that the same e-mail account can be used and therefore not losing any mail sitting in the inbox??? Workgroup to Domain
by David Mciver
2 Mon Nov 11 2002
5:52:42 PM (EST)
Topic is Open See message
Adress refused by server. The e-mail adress was refused  era ''. Subject 'Lidas: Texto convite formatura Escriba', Conta: 'Rafael', Server: '', Protocolo: SMTP, Resposta do servidor: '551 We do not relay', Porta: 25, Segura (SSL): Não, server Error: 551, Nº do erro: 0x800CCC79
************************* I cant send e-mails using Outlook express 5
by Rafael Guimaraes
3 Tue Feb 11 2003
11:34:48 AM (EST)
Topic is Open I keep getting the massage 'calling card information may be corrupt, restore defaults'.
I've tried to find info in the help file, but I can't find any info on the problem Calling card corrupt !!
by Mark Howell
1 Thu Sep 19 2002
9:40:34 AM (EST)
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