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Topic is Open Any update on when a NAT server will be incorporated into 602Lan?? I love the program, but I have a secure site that me company needs to connect to that requires a NAT for a secure link thru, and 602 cant do it (Yes, I have tried the mapped links approach-- it doesnt work-- Unfrortunatly, I need to connect to a secure IMAP server on a Government system, and its picky) NAT Upgrade??
by Steven Tilley
2 Mon Nov 26 2001
2:34:47 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I am running a NT server and have one network printer setup on this particular server.  For some reason when I go to select where 602 will print faxes, the printer does not show up.  Only the 602Fax printer shows up.  Any ideas? Problem with Faxing with 602
by Is Team
1 Fri Nov 9 2001
12:38:03 PM (EST)
Topic is Open About the 602pro lan FAX, i'm really get panic! Here in italy all the numbers start with the digit '0', example fax number: 030 7079123 (030 is the prefix, all the prefix here start with '0')
After this, to have access to the line, whe must use another '0', so the number to dial is this:
0 030 7079123
To permit 602 prolan to works, i need to setup the dial propriety in win98 as so: To dial 00
And i tryed to send a fax at the follow address: 307079123@fax.fax
BUT IT DOESN'T WORK AT ALL!!! The external modem (Zyxel OMNI 288s) , first dial, after find a BUSY line!
the dial propriety works fine, infact i tryed to make a simple remote acces, and i made the same number as i did in the e.mail address (without zero): 307079123
And it dial automatically with the first zero to make an outcall, the second zero to add at the prefix and the number i wrote, and it works! Because the fax called answer at my call, (but obviously the remote call is not a fax sender).
So i'm really in panic! The company where i work are breaking me, and asking why this fax service is never started, can you help me please?

Fax on a Zyxel MNI 288S
by Marco Parlato
1 Fri Nov 9 2001
9:53:06 AM (EST)
Topic is Open please any one have a simple string modem fax for my old zyxel omni 288 external?

i lost the standard string modem of 602

please any one post a reply
string modem fax
by Marco Parlato
1 Fri Nov 9 2001
12:50:07 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Again another little stupid question, if i want first of all DENY all my network to internet, and after this, i want enable 3 or 4 users to internet, i think is so simple, but i'm trying and is not very simple, maye i did something wrong:

i think this will DENY all my users to internet:
it is right? 'cause i don't know why not works! (my net is a C 192.168.1.x mask 
(i never tryed your example in the manual with mask 'cause my mask is and i don't understand why i must use FULL 255)

Okay, i'll try again the deny until your answer. Suppost it will works, after this, i need to enable user by user (just 3 over 85) the internet connection as follow:
That is right? Or the mask is wrong?

Just the last question connected, i have now 3 users allowed to internet, BUT just to 2 or 3 web-site, the DENY url permit to deny website to website, how can i DENY all the WEBSITES of the world, and after that, allow the user just to the 2 website that the user really need?
Thanx again and i'm waitin your responce.
internet browsing restriction
by Marco Parlato
2 Wed Dec 5 2001
7:14:59 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Hi to everybody.
Yes it's siple to restrict to all some web site, but if i have some user that need to have access just to 3 website?
I need in this case to deny all the websites and allows to the 3 websites. Yes..but HOW?
Someone can help me please? Restrict URL
by Marco Parlato
1 Mon Nov 5 2001
5:35:16 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I have two people who say they cannot send an e-mail to us. It is rejected. One is in California and one in Wyoming. My concern is others not being able to e-mail us.
I contacted my daughter in California and she is able to e-mail me. There are no filters set up. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. rejected e-mail
by Denis Munoz-plaza
2 Mon Nov 5 2001
11:48:19 AM (EST)
Topic is Open I have LAN Suite setup to access a single news server and all works fine. Using a mapped link though sends all news requests to the specified news server. How can I set up LAN Suite so I can access multiple news servers?

Thanks Accessing multiple news servers
by Dave Graupner
1 Tue Nov 6 2001
10:05:29 AM (EST)
Topic is Open I hope this goes through Outlook but my SMTP server on Eudora gives me a 505 error. The help FAQ's say to put in 602's address but I don't have one nor can I find one as the system says go through your ISP's SMTP server. My mail won't go out and when I uninstalled the suite it still messes up my settings. Help please. Eudora help, please
by Stephen Mcmanus
6 Tue Nov 6 2001
7:10:26 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I am at a loss. I read the manual, and talked with other fellow network techs and am totally stumped. I have 602 Lansuite installed and have 5 systems on my network. I have learned how to create mapped links to get out on an internal system. I run a chat server on my main system and would like to put it on one of the internal computers. Is it possible? How do you tell 602 Lan to take the request for port 6667 (port used on chat server) and direct to an internal system? Or am I reaching... Any help would be great. Inbound requests to route...
by Mike Kurowski
2 Thu Nov 8 2001
3:25:17 PM (EST)
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