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Topic is Open Since I installed Lan Suite 2000, the internet connection for the client pc's are extremely slow.

I can't do any update via the Windows Update site (it take to long).

What can I do to fix this.

I even started making my own internal website to provide others with the information they need. Slow internet on client pc
by Ruben Noorderijk
7 Tue Jan 22 2002
5:42:03 PM (EST)
Topic is Closed i recently bought this program and i ca use the telnet fine on my comp,but when my son tries usin it from the same server hes is anable to connect,this is the same for many aplets,what is the problem and how can i fix it ?
telnet prollem
by Larry Meilak
1 Fri Dec 28 2001
6:16:17 PM (EST)
Topic is Open We have tried setting up PcAnywhere 9.0 with a mapped link as explained in knowledge base article 370 to enable a remote computer to connect via the firewall ( to a pc on the network
The log records the connection attempt but the connection is immediately closed with the message
MAP: select() socket operation on non-socket.
Any ideas.
Operating system W98. Lansuite V37.

PcAnywhere problems
by Ron Fincham
1 Fri Jan 4 2002
8:05:35 PM (EST)
Topic is Open When using LanSuite's Proxy, often I get an incomplete web page load. A refresh reloads the same, but a CTRL-Refresh will download all components.
I've tried with/without local caching, and with/without upstream proxy - still no go.
I've seen others post a similar problem, but I've seen no workaround posted.
Someone mentioned ISP caching ???

Any ideas anyone ?
Thanks. Only half a web page loads
by Simon Hansen
1 Thu Jan 17 2002
4:55:25 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Hello everybody,
Who knows the solution of this silly problem.
MSN Messenger is working on several pc's and on several not.
Same settings. Also with different login names in the network on a working pc it will sometime not work. So, one account is working and a other not. And all with the same settings. Who has the answer.
Settings socks 4.
Already tried with socks 5 and HTTP. And with mapped link. Problem stays. Strange things with MSN Messenger
by Carlo Turk
2 Fri Jan 4 2002
8:07:14 AM (EST)
Topic is Open why doesn't lan suite split CC and BCC e-mail adresses?

When someone sends a mail cc, alias of user a and alias of user b

the mail is only recieved by a or b, not delivered to both ..

how can i solve this ?! 1 e-mail 2 recipients/aliases ???
by Steve De smet
0 Sun Dec 16 2001
11:31:00 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Is there any way to configure the smtp server to notify the sender of undeliverable mail,  rather than simply discarding the message? Undeliverable Mail - Notification?
by David Wescott
0 Sat Dec 15 2001
9:41:59 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Does anybody know how to get this thing to work on my home lan?

I'm trying to connect from my W2K workstation using mapped ports through Lansuite which is on an NT server to our Firewall-1 firewall at work.

I have tried all sorts of poprt mappings using ports 500, 259 and 2746 all of which I have found documented elsewhere on the net.

Does anybody know what else I can do / have any experience getting this to work via Lansuite?

It works OK when I plug the ADSL straight in the back of the W2K box, I want to get it to work via the Lan so I can configure it for one of our remote sites to use via Lansuite. SecuRemote VPN Client
by David Hardy
2 Sun Jan 6 2002
4:52:48 PM (EST)
Topic is Open As game-developers we are playing always at evening in the web. Since we got the 602LanSuite we are unable to get to BattleNet from Blizzard or GameSpy servers, despite all MappedLinks and UDPs. Is there anytng special we missed to set, or is Lan602 not able to perform this tasks?
Igor Posavec BattleNet not working
by Igor Posavec
1 Fri Jan 11 2002
12:55:24 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Lan Suite has an export function. but it does not seem to have a import function for me to import data from a .csv file. Is this true or has I miss out something? Import users
by Yu Siew san
0 Thu Dec 13 2001
11:25:04 PM (EST)
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