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Topic is Open A while back, someone helped us out to route and we've still been at it. Maybe after posting this, someone will see something I missed.
I have 2 computers, one with two nics (external ip and internal ip.) I have a second computer with internal ip I use Serv-U as my server program. I configured my mapped link so my friend on his ip logs in, then routes to the internal ip on second system. That is, the link is 24.#.#.# port 22 to all interfaces on my system, to port 22 and i see him connect. He uses Win Command to FTP my server. It connects, but he gets an error saying only client ip open port command. In Win Command, the connection entry for my server, he checks passive mode. Then it connects and i see him in my log file as my internal ip, but it hangs on him, saying get directory but nothing happens. I know we are so close, but what could I have missed? Is it the sev-u program? Not knowing where to route the command back?? Any help is greatly greatly appreciated. Routing from outside to inside
by Mike Kurowski
0 Thu Jan 24 2002
11:12:37 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Hi, sending faxes is working. Receiving not :o(. I have a AVM ISDN card. CAPI.....but I can use a G3 Fax emulaton modem. I need a modem string....???
@ the moment: ATQ0V1E1x3s0=0

Respond: no carrier
Error 202 Error setting modem

:o? ISDN and FAX
by Marcus Mueller
4 Mon Sep 2 2002
9:32:26 AM (EST)
Topic is Open My ftp access on a client zips right along.  When I use IE5.5 (also happened with other IE5x), however, it takes a really long time to load web pages.

I can surf on the machine running the proxy server (i.e. bypassing the proxy server) and I can load the same pages almost instantly.  

I have one win2k machine running 602pro and one win2k machine running as the client.

My connection? 512K SDSL
How fast is IE5.5 on server? 
ex. I can bring up the web site almost instantly.

How slow is the client? 
Some sites are so unusably slow that I switch to the 602pro machine to do anything useful.
The 602pro home page takes over a minute to come up (vs. under a second on the 602 pro machine).  I have been on this page for over a minute and I still don't see all the smiley/sad face icons loaded.  It took a minute before I saw any of them.

I have tried several things but it has been no use. The frustrating thing is that I have a friend with an almost identical configuration that works fine.

What's the difference?  Well, we have compared everything I can easily think of.  I haven't yet tried to compare the entire registry of both machines.  One difference is he has a cheap ADSL phone company connection while I pay 4x as much for a hyper-reliable business SDSL connection.

I have tried a new machine to run 602pro.  I have tried a new machine as a client.  I have tried tcpip patches for receive window size, etc.  I have tried three different ISPs (RCN cablemodem, Telocity/DirectTV SDSL, and my current XO Communications (backbone provider) 512K SDSL for business.

Note, FTP speed is fine. I do a netbios drive mapping over the internet with excellent results.  Everything else I do works perfectly. Although there is one other thing I have had trouble with: SourceOffSite. SourceOffSite would fail midway through any large/lengthy connection whether I used its http proxy mode or tcp/ip via mapped links. I also know someone who has this working!

Finally, I have tested this with 3 different ISPs: 2 SDSL and one cable modem.

Any help? Web access very slow. Some images never displayed
by Brian Maiorella
2 Thu Jan 24 2002
2:17:12 PM (EST)
Topic is Open The workstations do not connect to an external TSE server (given it's I.P. address) through my 602PRO proxy server. I get a connection denied message.

The TSE server is OK, since the direct connection works.

Is somebody there who can explain me why and give a hint ? Thank you all ! Access a TSE server
by Pierre Dimo
1 Tue Jan 22 2002
4:16:27 AM (EST)
Topic is Closed Our cable ISP now requires login and password to send mail. Can this be done on Lansuite ?  OutLook Express clients can't find ISPs' SMTP server through the Lan Suite server.... Tried mapping and IP Filter with no success

Thanx in advance SMTP requires authentication
by Bill Frick
2 Tue Jan 22 2002
12:12:14 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Hi Folks,
we Wanna buy LanSuite. What we need is a Mail, Fax Server with:
- Central Adressbooks on the Server
- fax send timetable...delay..
- pop3, SMTP,(IMAP would be nice)
we have a NAT und Zonealarm Pro Firewall on the same PC then..
Win98 SE !!!!

is that working ??? Wanna buy but need more Infos
by Marcus Mueller
1 Thu Jan 10 2002
10:28:59 AM (EST)
Topic is Open A small business network (Win2k Server on Fast Ethernet), we just got cable into the building. While I've used other proxy servers, I'm relatively new to 602Pro LAN Suite. 

Prior to installing 602Pro, I installed a firewall, ZoneAlarm, with which I am reasonably well familiar. No apparent problems there.

After installing and doing my best to configure 602Pro (note to the folks who make this product, there's an awful lot of extraneous stuff that isn't used for a normal configuration), I have not been able to get WWW (or any other!) connectivity between the 2000 server and any of the workstations. 

In fact, after trying to configure 602Pro for the workstations, I lost the connection to the cable for the server! Soooo ... I tried to uninstall 602Pro and go with MS Internet Connection Sharing, which sets up easily enough, but does not give me a connection either. Also uninstalled the firewall AND 602Pro, and am still lacking ANY connectivity to the cable network (cable modem checks good, as does both network cards and cables, to dispense with the obvious).

I'm wondering first, if 602Pro is compatible with Win2K server, and second, if 602Pro overwrites some critical networking files.

Any ideas out there? Windows 2000 Server
by Earl Key
2 Tue Jan 22 2002
4:33:07 AM (EST)
Topic is Open I use email aliases to collect emails coming in from a number of groups and use the alias feature to place them in my mailbox. The problem I have is that if I have an alias of for example, then I try to send an email to the group (send to then the alias intercepts this and simply sends the email back to me. It never reaches the group. I have only been able to solve this by sending my outgoing email directly to my ISP and bypass the LanSuite email server.

Is there any means to state that an alias is only to apply to incoming mail ?

  Andrew email alias is overzealous
by Andrew Cumming
1 Tue Jan 22 2002
4:48:36 AM (EST)
Topic is Open i have deleted a user that was able to use his browser with proxy, and there was the password. now in software602 the user has been deleted, but the computer of this user had the reminder password enabled in IE, now with that computer you can use the proxy it doesn't matter if the user doesn't exist no more in the software602...
how it is possible? proxy enable
by Marco Parlato
2 Fri Jan 4 2002
11:49:54 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Why doesn't any socks proxying work after about 2h ?

The console says:
07:24:46 am SOCKS: Accept table is full!
07:24:46 am SOCKS: chk_accept_runmain(): The operation completed successfully.
SOCKS Problem ("Accept table is full!")
by Johan Borjesson
1 Thu Jan 3 2002
1:27:08 PM (EST)
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