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Topic is Open Hello,

my problem is I've a netgear wlanrouter with an Firewall and so on, now it happend that is not posible to go to the lanrouters usb drive if I'm on the Computer were Lansuit is runing. If I'll stop it it is posible, without newstart ! What's wrong ??

Thanks for help!
Joerg (from Germany) LAN Router and Lan Suit2004
by Jörg Lipphardt
0 Sun Mar 12 2006
10:42:12 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Hello everyone,

does anyone know if there is a method of using imap instead of pop to access lansuite-accounts?

...if there is no support for imap at the moment, does anyone know when this is planned to be integrated/published?

IMAP & Lansuite?
by Torsten Rüter
0 Thu Jan 12 2006
8:51:38 AM (EST)
Topic is Open According to the Lansuite 2004 Antivirus Tab, it works with AVG.  Is that the free or paid version?  And what has been your experience with either?

Thanks for the Help.

Louis James AVG Free or Paid
by Louis James
0 Sun Feb 13 2005
7:20:38 AM (EST)
Topic is Open I have installed 602 Lansuite in my netowrk.when i tried to change is asking for administrator name and password.but i havent set any administrator users.what to do to break this.i need to chenage some settings. Password Error
by Shankar Kumar
0 Thu Aug 5 2004
11:40:53 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Hi,

I'm using Lan Suite 2004  to download pop3 mail from a 'catchall' mailbox at my ISP and distribute to 50 uses. In cases where the outside sender sends a mail message to someone on my domain and also CC's a different person on my domain I get the mail message in my ISP mailbox twice (or more if more people are CC'ed). Lansuite then distributes each message to all intended recipients. So if 5 people are CC'ed each person receives the message 6 times. The ISP tell me they put a new line in the header called 'Delivered To:' to stop this happening. Does anyone know how to get Lan Suite to check this header line instead of looking at the To: or CC: line of the header? Mail distribution using Catchall Mailbox
by Dave Couves
0 Wed Aug 4 2004
4:54:30 AM (EST)
Topic is Open How to fax pdf documents? 

We fax a lot of invoice and statements the old way - print and fax.

When I attach the pdf to fax_number@fax, all our client reported that they are receiving garbled fax. However MS word documents seems to be working nicely.

I have installed Adobe acrobat reader at the fax server (WinXP Pro machine). But still no result.

Can Lansuite602 2004 support pdf faxing? faxing PDF documents.
2 Thu Sep 16 2004
12:29:13 AM (EST)
Topic is Open I am running 602 LAN Suite 2004 Anti-virus on a SBS2003 server with Mcafee Virusscan ASAP.

I believe when ever 602 finds a virus, Mcafee jumps in and deletes the file. This then freezes 602 cashing the service to crash.

As I access my email from webmail most of the time this a real problem.

Any Ideas?

Michael Felder Mcafee crashes Server when virus found
by Michael Felder
0 Tue Apr 13 2004
10:27:52 PM (EST)
Topic is Open FTP upload to remote server (clients web host) works fine when Lan Suite firewall is disabled but not when it is enabled. I have firewall set at custom level and have tried creating permission sets of the obvious configurations. Any ideas?

Martyn Cook Dreamweaver & LanSuite Pro
by Martyn Cook
0 Wed Feb 11 2004
1:30:07 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Hello,
I use LANSUITE2003 on W2K Pro SP4 as a network fax server witha Trust V92 PCI modem.
Lansuite 2003 works fine on outgoing fax but I'm not able to receive fax ( I use 1 line for voice and fax calls).
My settings are :
Configuration  ATQ0V1E1X3S0=0
Modem reset  ATZ
Controlling commands Autodetection
Transmission speed limit Unlimited
Reception speed limit Unlimited
Pick up after [number of rings] 2

Have you got any suggestion?
Unable to receive FAX
by Gino Pizzoni
0 Thu Feb 5 2004
9:20:09 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Hello,

Question, I have Lansuite 2003 and running on Win2000 sp4 on a Dedicated Gigabyte server.

Now I start using the fax server of Lan suite 2003. and I noticed that some times a part of a page that i received is missing. when I call the sender to ask to resend the fax the same problem happens again. (On my normal fax machine it works ALWAYS. NO problems)


P.S. when a part of the fax is missing (in the Tif file) then it is GREY. FAX not complete
by G S
0 Fri Dec 19 2003
3:45:55 AM (EST)
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