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Topic is Open How do i fix this error?

602Text could not check the spelling for text written in: Englisn (U.S.)
Spelling Dictionary is not supported for this language.

I need to have spell check enabled asap, any help would be much appreciated. Spelling?
by Karen Barnett
1 Tue Sep 2 2003
5:27:50 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Hiya folks I am new to this forum and hope som1 will suggest me pls.I just downloaded PC suite and it looks kinda nice so i want to go for PC suite plus now my question is am I suppose to uninstall PC suite first to install PC suite plus or just install over it? thanx in advance.

Cheers PC suite or PC suite plus ??
by Shau Lee
1 Thu Aug 28 2003
3:06:58 PM (EST)
Topic is Open When I tried to upload to, I got a message that my pictures weren't in the correct format.  I had to open each one in another program and save again before I could use them.   All my pictures are converted to 602 format.  Can I keep that from happening or is there a way to make Ofoto recognize the format? Ofoto doesnt recognize 502 jpg format
by Dorothy Smock
2 Thu Aug 28 2003
8:25:09 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Is it possible to merge two .doc files? file merge
by Jerry Senor
0 Tue Aug 26 2003
10:44:34 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Any bullets I place in my document
print out as open squares. Changing the style of bullet
makes no difference, I still end up
with only faint squares in the printed document. Any ideas? Bullets
by David Fletcher
0 Tue Aug 26 2003
5:05:54 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Hi, first-time user of 602Text and my first post:

I'm not sure if I'm reading this correctly, but is the following really the only method of inserting page numbers into a document?

Insert page numbering in your document.

If you've ever wanted to add page numbers to a document in 602Text, this tip is for you. Follow these steps:

Open your document in 602Text. 
Navigate to where you would like the page number to appear in your document, then click Insert and select Field. 

Choose Page Number from the list and click OK. 

This procedure adds {Page Number} to your document. Upon printing, this field will be converted to the appropriate number. You must repeat this step for every page you wish to be numbered or use the Header or Footer for automatic insertion into every page.

There's gotta be a more simple way of doing this.  So what am I missing here?

Page Numbering???
by Jeffrey Beemer
2 Fri Sep 12 2003
10:19:52 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I get it when trying to open PNG's created by POV-Ray in 602Photo.  The files are valid, and are read by other programs without a problem.  Any ideas? Runtime Error 2080
by Benjamin Chambers
0 Sun Aug 24 2003
8:29:09 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I was also having the problem with spell check. i.e. 602 does not support that language. So I checked the regional settings on my XP they where fins. I uninstalled 602. downloaded the new version and installed. However my license doesn't work, the note says the license should start with a pn something. mine start with a pc. anysuggestions? spell check and other problems
by Daniel Brandt
2 Wed Aug 27 2003
5:25:28 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Uninstalling the entire 602 PC Suite 2001 and reinstalling it didn't work. It still only remembers the window positions for 602Photo and 602Text... but NOT for 602Album and 602Tab. I also tried uninstalling it and removing any and all references in my Windows Registry and then doing a reinstall... but that didn't work either. I then next tried... doing an uninstall and removing any and all Windows Registry references and downloading a NEW copy of the suite (in case I originally had a corrupted copy of it) and did the install... but it STILL only remembers the 602Photo and the 602Text window positions and NOT the 602Album and 602Tab window positions. I'm not so concerned about the window position for 602Album (cause I'll rarely if ever use it)... but I would really like the 602Tab to remember it's window position. Can ANYONE please advice me on how to correct this problem or at least inform me if this is hardcoded into the 602Tab program? Once again... Thanks In Advance... for any and all help. Remembering Window Position Pt.II?
by Dave Burkley
0 Sat Aug 23 2003
8:08:59 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Hi,

i was trying to load a 1.8 mb excel file in Tab. Loading goes wel but when i try to delete a tab it crashes.

I'm using windows xp home with al the recent upates.

Is this a known bug ?

Erwin Tab problem with large excel files
by Erwin Traas
2 Thu Aug 21 2003
4:25:31 PM (EST)
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