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Topic is Open I need to switch from one font to another frequently--Greek and English.  However, when I switch, I have to hunt for the font I want each time I switch.  Is there any way to keep the fonts in juxtaposition so that I can easily click on the one I want instead of having to go through the list until I find what I want?  Help! Mr.
by Richard Gainer
0 Mon Sep 8 2003
12:28:13 PM (EST)
Topic is Open hi

i'm not able to view, when i open any wordpad or ms-word documents thru 602 Text. so i uninstalled and then reinstalled, checked once again. Then again i opened 602 Text New file, When I type, nothing is viewable. What'z the problem? When I open the earlier saved files only blank pages are veiwed. If somebody replies to my query that would be of great help.

Not able to open the downloaded word documents.
by D Srividya
3 Tue Sep 9 2003
8:08:23 AM (EST)
Topic is Open My PC suite wont let me access the Page Setup options... does anyone else have this problem? 

any ideas how to fix it???

Sarah Page Setup
by Sarah Smith
1 Sun Oct 12 2003
10:22:01 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Hi,

I am just curious as to whether there are any plans to upgrade PC Suite to be compatible with newer file types beind what it is now?

Larry Will PC Pro Suite be upgraded?
by Larry Sands
0 Sun Sep 7 2003
2:20:03 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Ummmm...

I need to be able to open XLS files in TAB

I run ME.

I went to Windows File Associations, added NEW XLS for file type and chose open with 602 TAB

Seemd fine but when I doubled clicked the XLS file it ran TAB and opened but Nothing was IN the Spreadsheet!

The titale bar read the filename OK.


Larry Opening XLS in TAB?
by Larry Sands
7 Tue Sep 9 2003
12:13:01 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Now forgive me if I sound a bit on the thick side but how the hell do you get the theasurus to work.

I can see it hovering there as a sub-menu-item of the tools menu (if not a little on the dim side) but will the little devil work, not for me I'm afraid, not even after highlighting my text.

There's me having paid out some of my hard earned cash to get what I thought was an all singing, all dancing, all add-ons version of the suite, including I may add the 'Print pack' only to be annoyed by the fact that the theasurus don't work, well not for me anyway.

What am I doing wrong? Help. Elusive Thesaurus
by Anthony Ridley
5 Sat Sep 6 2003
2:48:07 PM (EST)
Topic is Open After negotiating the Byzantine methods of re-installing and registering 2001 again, I keep being asked to register because the Trial version has expired.

I have my License ID and I've cut and pasted it in every time, but the dang thing wants me to register every time I try to use it!

Each time it tells me that I was successful..... what it FAILS to tell me is that I was only successful THIS TIME!

Comon, guys... this has been a trial already!

What's the answer? Register Again & Again & Again & Again & Again....
by Thomas Rougeux
0 Thu Sep 4 2003
12:44:30 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Is there a way to get word processing files which were processed in Microsoft Word back to having the MS Word symbol and not the software602 text symbol T?

I messed up when I installed pc suite to my computer. I said yes to associating software602 text with Word. What that did was it changed all the W symbols on my documents to T. And when I clicked on the file in Windows it would open a Word file using software602 text as the default. One of the frequently asked questions on the help site for PCsuite helped to take care of that and reset MS Word as the default program to open these sorts of files. It was the question about Wordperfect which helped me get out of that mess.

Now I have a minor glitch of having Software602 as the symbol on files which I haven't written in 602 text but in Microsoft Word 2000. I would love to find out an easy way to get my old symbols back.

Murdoch Matthew
wrongly associating Word with text
by Murdoch Matthew
5 Wed Sep 3 2003
7:04:43 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I found these files with a program that finds duplicate files. They consist of strings of words in English and maybe Itailan. They are listed in common files and 602 folders. I cannot find anything on the extension 'hash' american .hash british. hash
by James Sparks
1 Tue Sep 2 2003
5:18:49 PM (EST)
Topic is Open When I open a xls Excell Xp file in the 602Tab, the all sheet background is blue. Any idea about this problem? Blue XLS
by Jefferson Valim
2 Thu Oct 2 2003
10:08:10 AM (EST)
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