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Topic is Open I installed 602 pro suite and tried making a spread sheet with tab.  I've read the help sec. and I can not get the cells to remember the $ ##.00 settings.  Next problem, I want to SUM up a row. I click on the Icon button and type in the formula butit won't calculate. Is there something that must be turned on?  Any help would be appreciated.  Olie B. Owner
by Olaf Becker
0 Fri Sep 12 2003
1:46:53 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I throw a paper route and send out late notices to some of my customers and am having trouble gettig mail merge to pickup the most current mailing list so I can print and address these notices Mail merge problems
by Cathy Young
2 Fri Sep 12 2003
12:10:58 PM (EST)
Topic is Open In 602Tab how can I do a vertical across selection? Aligning center the cell content? How to make a Vertical Center Across Selection
by Marcelo Souza
0 Thu Sep 11 2003
10:43:47 AM (EST)
Topic is Open I need to open an exported Oracle file in *.tsv format, but the Pc Suite does not understand.. If I saved and rename it to *.csv, it's work ok.. I try to create an associate file but did not work too. Is there some way to make Pcsuite open files directly.. Files with *.tsv?
Thanks for help.
Open .tsv files
by Marcelo Souza
0 Thu Sep 11 2003
10:32:39 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Hi!
Gotta a question.
Is there a possibility to modify keyboard shortcuts in 602Text?
I'm operating in Polish laungage so if i press alt+a i'm writing an  letter, but in 602Tex when u press alt+a a Text properties window is poping up, pls help!
602Text Shortcuts
by Renata Piwowonska
2 Thu Sep 11 2003
7:30:08 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Hi... I just upgraded from an old version... but, first time out of the gate, it doesnt appear that the spell check is working. Any advice? It says that spelling is not supported for (US English) language, and the background spelling is checked in the settings. Spell check doesnt seem to work
by Georges Brunet
4 Fri Sep 12 2003
1:01:48 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Until today, I was in love with this program.  However, I ran into a glitch, and I'm wondering if I'm alone with this one.

Made a few changes to an existing text document saved under the .doc extension.  Tried to save it with the changes, but received an error message File access error.  I needed the changes desperately, so I saved it under a different extension (.wpd), which it permitted, and then tried to delete the original .doc file. No luck - sudden message informed me I was trying to delete a file that was in use (which it wasn't!).  I still can't remove the original, and all other text documents default to the .doc extension, leaving me to think I may run across this problem again.

Anyone else come across this?  If so, help!  I need to be able to save & change & save again under the .doc extension without error messages, and I need to be able to delete files that I'm through with!
problem with saving & deleting changed .doc files
by Kelly Sholinder
2 Wed Sep 10 2003
6:35:52 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Fully registered, checked help files. There is no SELECT SOURCE showing on my file menu, yet WORD can find the scanner and import the scan directly.

Should I just stay with MS Office? or Star Office? Scanner not Showing
by Torrance Trevorrow
1 Tue Sep 9 2003
2:35:13 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I have only used 602 Pro Suite a very short time and now all my doc files have paragraph marks and words like heading,  body text, footnote, etc. all over them.  I can't get them back to normal;   Can someone help me... and more importantly, tell me what I did? 602 Pro Suite
by B.j. Parker
2 Tue Sep 9 2003
8:15:05 AM (EST)
Topic is Open I'm planning to buy a new computer soon.

I am wondering if anyone could help me out.

I would like to keep my copy of 602Pro PC Suite (free version) from my current computer to my new computer.

Just take my service ID key or what should I take it from?

Matt Old PC -> New PC
by Matthew Archibald
1 Tue Sep 9 2003
7:32:37 AM (EST)
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