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Topic is Open I cannot complete registration.  All letters are upper case and the reg.# has one small , or lower case letter o.  Cannot get a small  o to work user
by Leslie s. Bryant
1 Wed Oct 29 2003
7:57:36 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I am trying to save some photos from the internet to one of my disks.  It saves the photos as Compuserve GIF.  I have six photos on this disk.  Four are saved as JPGs and two are GIFs.  Yet, they are all saved using the same program, which is 602 Photo.

How do I change the extenstion from GIF to JPG? 602 Photo
by Kelly Law
2 Wed Oct 29 2003
11:14:27 AM (EST)
Topic is Open I was using the free version of 602 Office 2001, running on Windows 2000Pro.  I would be delighted to buy 602 Office, if it wasn't that I keep running into one major problem: sometimes, files that I created and edited in 602Text cannot be reopened. I have not been able to figure out what triggers the problem.  I create a document, I can close and reopen it, BUT sometimes the next time I log on (under the same ID) the document turns to gibberish when I reopen it.  I have been saving in .doc format because I need to exchange with other people, and I can still open the documents in WordViewer, looking just fine!  

The most recent example was curious, because I had a couple of editing sessions that went fine, but the third login brought the problem.  Yet some documents have never exhibited this problem (I'm keeping my fingers crossed.)  I just updated to 602 Office 4.0, hoping this would solve the problem, but the saved documents still look like gibberish in 602Text.  It's too early to tell whether newly created files will also show the problem.

Any suggestions as to why this is happening and what I can do to prevent it? Cannot reopen 602Text documents
by Sophie Lagace
3 Thu Dec 4 2003
3:18:58 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Is there a setting that works with pocket word for a handheld pocket pc?
My documents download to my new ipaq but when I try to open them, it returns to the main menu.
Thank for any advice!
Jim Dunn Mr
by James Dunn
1 Wed Oct 29 2003
12:33:17 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I have three logon profiles on my home computer; mine, my wife's amd my daughters.  While the spell ceker works under my log on; it does not work under my wife's or daughter's. The error meesage I get is 602 text could not check the speller for text written in English (US) spelling dictionary is not supported for this language.
In addition I need to download or add a strong grammer checker to my 602 text application --can any one recommend a good grammer checker for this application andn let me know how I install it to work within the 602 application.
The spelling issue is urgent to our family use.

Appreciate any response.

Brian Speller Issue
by Brian Percheson
1 Wed Oct 29 2003
3:31:49 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I have tried registering and it won't let me register.  The free registration is greyed out on my 602 Text.  I cannot access it.  I really need the spell checker!  Can someone help me, please?!?! Spell checker wont work
by Rodneyandstephanie Gatton
3 Tue Sep 30 2003
1:57:56 PM (EST)
Topic is Open My Belarc analysis comes up in 602 text in complete disarray. I need this info, because I'm about to lose my hard drive. It looks like pages atop pages. Is there an easy way to fix the layout or problem?Thanks,
Tom Belarc analysis & 602 text
by Tom Ruppert
0 Mon Sep 29 2003
5:20:21 PM (EST)
Topic is Open After installing the 602 suite, I noticed a 602PhotoDriver 95/98 appeared in my Printers folder. Could somebody tell me what this is? I searched the Help file but couldn't find any mention of it.

Thanks. What is the 602PhotoDriver?
by David Wessale
0 Sun Sep 28 2003
2:58:33 PM (EST)
Topic is Open When ever I tried to open a pdf or other document before it would open with 602 text no problem now it trys to open with 602 photo but cannot did I do something to stop my 602 text from opening it or how do I get to go automatically to my 602 text to open the pdf file help 602 text
by Gloria Ramsay
0 Sat Sep 27 2003
10:31:24 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I can't open a certain not all to complex XLS-file with TAB. The program freezes and I have to end it manually (Win2K SP4). Other XLS-files *do* open. Where should I look for a solution? TAB freezes when opening XLS-file
by Renzo Kooi
4 Fri Sep 26 2003
8:03:55 AM (EST)
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