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Topic is Open We cannot send Fax using Crypto Best 56k External Modem along with LanSuite 2003, although we can receive fax with no problem. We are searching some recommendation regarding which modem to use. Can we use a simple modem or a fax modem is needed  ? can anybody suggest a specific device known to cooperate with LanSuite 2003 ? LanSuite 2003 Fax Server
by Yannis Thanassekos
0 Mon Jan 19 2004
12:26:56 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I'm trying to make an Address Label Xmas list and I'm using the form that has 3 Columns and 10 rows of Labels.  The Indent is set so that you can only type one label.  When I try to move the indent position, it won't move.  This is true of both the right to left and the top to bottom indents.  I've tried clicking and dragging with both the right & left clicker on the mouse.  I've looked everywhere in help and on the toolbar.  How do I move it so I can type on all of the labels? Changing Indent on Labels
by Don Mallalieu
1 Wed Dec 24 2003
10:08:28 AM (EST)
Topic is Open I enjoy using the package - but - When i use 602Text and go to Insert I am unable to use 'Insert Picture ' etc.Can you assist - 
Also can you advise what are the Levels 1,2 3, etc which show on the toolbar ? Thanks - Harold Insert Picture
by Harold White
0 Wed Dec 17 2003
8:54:19 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Is there any app within the 602 suite that will allow you to view a power point presentation? Viewing power point
by Don Boren
1 Tue Dec 16 2003
8:20:15 AM (EST)
Topic is Open I have just started using PC Suite and it's a great product. But can anyone tell me if it's possible to use PC Suite with Outlook Express's spell checker?

If it is possible how to I get it to work? Outlook Express spell checker
by Brian Hellens
1 Mon Dec 1 2003
7:58:12 AM (EST)
Topic is Open I am looking for an existing spread sheet (not in excel) that will help me track a mortgage loan. Allow periodic payments and additional principal payments. want the spread sheet to show parameters of the loan and payment schedule HOME USER
by John Spain
1 Mon Dec 22 2003
11:23:43 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Today, I noticed that my C:\Windows\Temp directory has a 602cache subdirectory which itself contains about a dozen subdirectories of its own.  can i safely delete the latter subdirectories once they are more than a day old?

Thank you. Delete 602Cache subdirectories?
by Frank Panettiere
1 Tue Dec 2 2003
2:16:11 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I am still trying to open an .xls file from one of my suppliers, first tried to open one that was unloacked, still nothing. Supplier thinks it might have something to do with macros. Not even sure what those are, but still need help! 602 TAB PRO SUITE 2001
by David Sutton
3 Mon Nov 24 2003
3:21:59 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I have been trying to open an .xls file from one of my suppliers. Each time I try I get a message saying Workbook locked, then unable to open the file. Supplier says it must be something in my computer as they can open it. Any thoughts? 602 tab pro suite 2001
by David Sutton
2 Fri Nov 21 2003
10:26:33 AM (EST)
Topic is Open first off when i save a wordpad doc it changes to 602 text doc... and my entire collection of gif, jpg, bmp have been changed to 602 photo images these have become un-useable to me... i can copy to wordpad and upload to message boards... but I CAN NOT to e-mail ... If i fool around enough, i can paste but I get a blank box with a red X ...
Please can someone help me... working with gif / wordpad / e-mails
by J Moore
3 Sun Nov 2 2003
4:31:16 AM (EST)
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