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Topic is Open How I can add russian lenguage? Add Lenguage
by Dmitriy Popov
0 Fri Jul 25 2003
3:16:02 AM (EST)
Topic is Open I have tried to import a jpg into PhotoEd and when I try to crop it, the program locks up and becomes nonresposive.  Shutting it down with Ctrl/Alt/Del shows only the name of the jpg in the window, and it takes some time and repeated tries to shut down Photo Ed.  I am running Windows XP. Photo Ed locks up
by Jeanette Ostrander
1 Fri Jul 25 2003
4:56:12 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I need to access the draft fonts from my printer, but the software doesn´t find them !
It is an EPSON LX-300 and all my other programs can find these fonts. DRAFT FONTS NOT AVAILABLE ?!
by Alvarojose Guimaraes
1 Mon Jul 21 2003
3:13:55 PM (EST)
Topic is Open How do we increase the length of the URL bar in 602Album.
It is less than one inch in length and ofcourse, I would like to increase this so I can write in my URL's and save the Websites with 602Album.
It's probably something easy to do but I just don't seem to grasp it!!

URL Bar in 602Album
by Dale Longpre
0 Mon Jul 21 2003
1:43:15 AM (EST)
Topic is Open I bought the cd rom for 602software and install pro suite 2001 (the free one) I install the program but my license ID does not work,   this is what happens first I open the program I want to used then it ask me to registey the program and to enter the Licence ID, as a good boy I go ahead and input my licence ID the reply is as fallows ( The product registration is complete ) but the problem is that I have to input the licence ID over and over again everytime I access any of the programs, I try inputing the licence ID in every program individually everytime I access one I would input the licence ID and close and go to the next program and input again and continues untill I input the ID in every program individual and to my dismay I'm still ask to register agin everytime I access the program.  HELP me 

Carlos Ayala my license ID does not really works
by carlos ayala
3 Wed Jul 23 2003
3:02:22 PM (EST)
Topic is Open How do I create a envelope? I went to insert and looked for new and was unable to do so..can someone help? Creating a envelope
by Mike Wickham
1 Mon Jul 21 2003
2:00:58 AM (EST)
Topic is Open What is the maximum number of rows in 602Tab? I just tried to import a CSV file with 122,703 lines, and it crashed the program.

(What file has 122,703 lines?) 

I did an export from my file cataloger - Advanced Disk Catalog 1.49, and I was hoping to use 602Tab and TextPad to massage the content to find duplicate files.

Thanks for the memories.
-dh Maximum Rows in 602Tab...
by D Hutchins
1 Fri Jul 18 2003
3:33:20 AM (EST)
Topic is Open After I installed 602pro suite, I was no longer able to open, my wordperfect files from their folder where they are save at. When 602pro suite was install a 602 icon was on wordperfect document files but it would not open then and wordperfect would not open then because 602pro would try to open but it would not.  So I unisntall 602pro and guess what I still can't open my wordperfect files from their folder,  now I have to access wordperfect first and then look for the file and that's the only way I can open them, because now the files have a wordpad icon to it, but when I click them it tells me that 602 exe file can not be found and that's a pain I can't believe a pay for the darn cd.  If anyone has answer on how to make wordperfect be able to open those files please write to me at I can still open them but now I have to have wordperfect program on and then look for the file and open from wordperfect I no longer can just go where the file is double click and have wordperfect open it,  and that's a drag for me,  here is the reason why I can only stay in my wheel chair for a while and trying to find out how to fix this problem it has already cause alot of pain, because at the time I don't have a hip joint and it's really hard to maintaine patience, thanks to anyone that can help me. bye
Carlos I cant open my wp files after installing602pro
by carlos ayala
2 Fri Jul 18 2003
3:08:51 AM (EST)
Topic is Open How do you use the Print Screen key in conjunction with this software. There was a tip out on it last year. In simpler terms how do I save print screen pictures to my 602 album? MR.
by James Walker
2 Wed Jul 16 2003
12:17:35 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Every time I try to upload my resume to, it says I can't, becuase the file is in octet-stream format.  Huh?  File has a .doc extension and is stored in word 97/Word 2000 format.

Help!  I'd really like to post so I can get a job!

thanks octet-stream format
by Michael Wind
0 Tue Jul 15 2003
1:31:35 PM (EST)
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