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Topic is Open I cannot find the tool to restore the box that shows my computer and folders in 602 style...I like it so much i appreciate a supporter's aid. S-602 explorer window
by Kevin Simpson
1 Fri Aug 15 2003
4:06:16 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I am trying to make a chat and can't figure out how to print the girdlines.  Can anyone help me? printing Gridlines
by Larry Waits
1 Wed Aug 13 2003
10:19:42 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Does anyone have any idea how to dreate envelopes in 602Text? Creating Envelopes
by Roman Misoshnik
0 Tue Aug 12 2003
9:56:49 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I purchased a license for pro plus at a point in the past.  I was unable to install or use the software (the free and the plus) because there was a glitch in my windows registry.  I contacted support with some difficulty and whomever tried to help but I was not able to get past the glitch. The program remained uninstalled until I had a crash which required re-formatting so, I no longer  had/have the registry glitch.  Also lost when I crashed was my email record of my 602 plus registration code.  I know I'm on record with 602 because I still get e mail that recognizes me as a registered licensee of the plus version, except that I can't access anything.  I'm trying now to get past what seems to me to be a very obstructionist support front end.  Can anyone reading this tell me how to reup my regawhatsis.  I paid for the plus version and have never been able to use either the 602 suite or +.  I will be very appreciative of any help anyone has to offer. registration
by Ed Gilbert
5 Thu Aug 14 2003
6:28:37 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I put a chapter break in a document so I wouldn't have the header repeated on every page.  I did some editing and now I can't get rid of the break.  Now I have a new paragraph started even though it's part of the same sentence.  Is there a way that I can get rid of it?  I tried deleting it, ctrl del, shift del, ctrl/shift/del.  Nothing will get rid of it that I can find. breaks, chapter &/or section HELP!
by Lou Mclaughlin
0 Sun Aug 10 2003
4:39:08 PM (EST)
Topic is Open This is your average computer illiterate idiot here, trying to figure out why:

1) my computer says the 602 documents I'm trying to open doesn't exist...

2) and when I've gone through all the untraceable gyrations to finally open them in some other form (like 'Word') , it pretty much comes out greek, takes up twice three times the memory and strtches for a mile long.

I've played around with file extensions and types until I'm blue in the face. Can anybody just walk me through this cotton-pickin' mess?!!

M. Johnson...President & Founder of the Foundation for the Computer Illiterate

Going Crosseyed & Bald trying to figure this out!!
by Mitch Johnson
2 Sun Aug 10 2003
2:49:12 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I'm embarrassed.  Please refer to previous message! Oops! Extra 602Tab Page Breaks
by Elaine Hostetter-abbott
0 Sat Aug 9 2003
2:29:35 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I am creating a membership list with 6 columns.  I don't know an awful lot of computer-ese, and I have inadvertently created 12 page breaks.  I was able to fool around and get rid of 9 of them, but am totally unable to get rid of the last 2 (horizontal) that I don't need.  Can anyone please give me a clue in Computer 101 language? President, Sonoma County Mobilehome Owners Assoc.
by Elaine Hostetter-abbott
0 Sat Aug 9 2003
2:26:13 PM (EST)
Topic is Open While running 602 in the text on XP os I get a minidump and then the computer reboots and tells me that I have had a serious error and to contact ms. Relavent error messages-
C:\Windows\Minidump\Mini 080703-02.dmp
C:\Docme~1\Dale\Locals~1\Temp\WER 1.tmp.dir00\sysdata.xml.
Can anyone diagnose? 602 suite & XP minidump
by Dale Sheridan
0 Wed Aug 6 2003
10:02:50 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I don't know if I am the only one having troubles when it comes to open a  file created with 602Text with microsoft Word. This is very important to me since I have to send my resume on Word format. Nothing happens when I want to open the file with Word ... Why ? Does anyone can help me ? I have compatibility problems
by Julien Oyonemengwang
0 Tue Aug 5 2003
2:13:20 PM (EST)
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